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Angry Flowers - Heaven when you smile

This is a very special post, different from every other series of posts I care about at the moment. The Angry Flowers were a band from Göttingen, that liked the Sixties, to say the least. One of them was Matthias Hanich, the brother of one of my classmates. I think he played bass and sang. Together with Heiko I visited Matt in London, or should I say Tooting Bec. We slept in a student's dormitory where most students went home during holidays, except for the kids from abroad. As Matt could not get a license to let us live there for a few days, he had to bribe the porter and still every loud noise was a sign to crawl under the bunks! And it worked! I had one situation when the cleaning woman wanted to clean under the bed in the next room (where I was) and someone talked her out of that because a group of school kids had arrived at that moment! The Go-Betweens and the TV Personalities were more than an influence, and so they created two nice Pop songs! And he showed us Dan Treacy's house! See this old post .
Grüsse an Heiko Schütte!!!!!!!!!

Now Heiko is making his own music as La Grande Illusion . This was a song from the Television Personalities great LP ...and don't the kid's love it!
Have a look, you find some samples of his music there.

Where is Matt now?

Every record that has Grace Kelly as coverstar ought to be a hit!

At least these guys had their chance!

Angry Flowers 7" 1986

A few years earlier there was another band (actually they had the Grace Kelly theme two years earlier) and they made a fortune!!! And they earn every cent of it!!! Writing songs about Teddy-bears and Teenager Love and still being hardcore (kind of...), and lots of fun, that's it! And still today! Die Ärzte (www.bademeister.com)
I heart Die Ärzte! Since 1984 when I caught some remote airwaves from SFB from Berlin on my radio in Lüchow-Dannenberg, it worked only when the weather was right. They had won a contest of the Berlin Senat with Teenagerliebe and also my heart. Later they could be seen on the cover of BRAVO, Germany's No. 1 teen mag (they just turned 50!) and on some funny "New Wave" Magazines on german TV on Sundays around 11.30, driving on escalators in the Europa-Center, also on this show was a very young and punk Blixa Bargeld, reporting from his hole under an Autobahn bridge, completely the opposite of the bohemian old fart he is now!
Who remembers Nina Schultz, the presenter? or was it Schulz? I think she later became a model and was shown in THE FACE around the mid-eighties a few times and was very nice to look at, kind of MM for the eighties.

Die Ärzte - Teenager Liebe 7"

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