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Playgroup - Epic Sound Battles Chapter 1 1982 On-U LP 10

Playgroup was more or less a band of the usual suspects hanging around at the studio : Bruce "Minty" Smith, Eskimo Fox, Style Scott, Sean "Hogg" Oliver, George Oban, Crucial Tony, John Waddington, Kendall Ernest, "Deadly Headley" Bennett, Tony Wraffer, Nick Plytas, Mark Coalfield, Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah are names you know from many On-U Sound records.

But this is a little different. Maybe John Waddington (ex-Pop Group, link to our 'Sons & Daughters Of The Pop Group' mission) had a strong influence on this. The Reggae and Dub elements are spiced up with more jazzy sax and Waddington's free form guitar playing. Especially "Crunch", "Shock absorber" and "Hoggs might fly" sound rather Pop Groupey. "No speed limit" is a fine example of Sherwood Dub production.

Playgroup - Epic Sound Battles Chapter 1 1982


This album really hit me in the head! What a classic! I love the saxaphone and guitar's jagged playing! Thanks a zillion for the great post!

Any chance you will post the other one from Playgroup Epic Sound Battles Chapter 2?

Stay cool and peace
warrior soul of navajo funk

Friend electric did it, just follow the link below and you find lots more

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