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WHAT ABOUT COMMENTS? oops, sorry, my fault!

I really like that you appreciate the music I get online, but I would like to get some feedback!

Well, I am sorry but I used one wrong option on my blogs, so the comments were not published.


Jörg, I've left comments before, but for some reason they never appear on your blog, so I wonder if they ever reach you?

habe ein paar mal hier kommentiert... als kla und anonym du verøffentlichst ja nix.. das irgendwie der sinn mit comments

I left a comment for the Grosse Freiheit but it backfired. Let's see if this one gets through...

ganz toller blog. ich hab mich wahnsinnig über robert görl und ganz besonders über holger hiller und andreas dorau.

ich suche auch schon ganz lange die allereste foyer des arts 10" und die platte von aroma plus (pre foyer des arts).
kannst du helfen?
ausserdem hab ich noch das cover zu guten morgen hose, falls es dich interssíert.

I really enjoyed listening to the Marc Almond live in 85 piece. He's very good live. I've only seen him twice here in New York. Once during the "Open All Night" tour and then again when he toured with Soft Cell.

OK! Lassie Singers, my favourite of all German girl groups, really. You had/have other interesting and often very funny acts like e.g. Die Faust haut ins Auge etc. but the Lassie Singers just exhibited 'the true spirit', to quote Blade Runner. Wonderful listening to them again. Thank you very much, made me happy.

Ahh i found your blog a couple weeks ago, it rocked my world, im forever indebted to you, if you are ever in america you have a friend and a place to stay ok!?

I was just linked to your blog a moment ago and I'm pretty psyched. Keep up the good work -- you're bookmarked now.

hmm, I wrote some comments, but they seem to get lost. please check your settings

Moin moin Jörg,

many thanks for some history lessons on the real ndw.
for some "late" born folks like me ('72) it is great to get to know some obscure stuff from that time which is near to unaffordable to buy (in hamburg anyway) or hard to be found.


ich habe schon ein paar mal Comments abgelassen, aber noch nie gesehen, dass mal irgendeiner veröffentlicht wurde, vielleicht ist was mit der Kommentarfunktion nicht in Ordnung, aber dann kannst du das hier eh nicht lesen.

Hey man! Great work- keep the music coming!

thank u!keep on the good job,
greetings from athens,greece.

luv your blog! the woodentops is one of my favorite bands of all time! wish you could post their woodenfoot cop on the highway. also are you familiar with a band called STARS OF HEAVEN? they were formed way back in the 80's.

Thanks for sharing this and the Woodentops. You are a gentleman.

I'd be glad to comment, but hey, I just got here! Looks like you have some neat stuff (GAOB, On U, etc). Do you focus on stuff that's out of print? I try not to download anything I can buy from Amazon or wherever...

(from italy). my english is poor so i'll keep it short... great music selection, keep on!

@Anonymus 1
einiges Rares von Max Goldt findest Du hier http://glitzerbello.blogspot.com/

Die FdA gibts hier http://mister-happy.blogspot.com/

@Anonymus 2
I'd love to have a place for a stopover in NY, but then you would have to leave at least a name...

Hi, Jörg!
Just saw at the Dorfdisco that you didn't knew about your comment status - but now all the comments I posted at your blog are firing back at my e-mail account - it's full of "could not be delivered". Have you done that? Are you erasing all the 178 or so comments you got since you started? ;)
Anyway - glad you survived without knowing that someone told you nice things in your nice ears.

Cheers, and keep communicative...!

I don't understand that.
Unfortunately the option to check all comments before publishing was on. I changed that a few hours ago and now all the comments are on the blog. I only erased two duplicates and a few spam comments, so no idea why you get that message.
Keep on talking!
btw I just downloaded some of the last files from the World of M, sob

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