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ON-U Sound will be here soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I have this blog for almost two years and there still is no Dub or Reggae post!
I have been into Reggae (well, only Bob Marley) before I started listening to John Peel on BFBS. He taught me there was more, starting with the fantastic Misty In Roots, and then came DUB!
I was shaken (literally!) by the sounds, Scientist, Mad Professor (still Dub's me crazy!) and Adrian Sherwood with the ON-U Sound label. First connected with the scene around the Pop Group, suddenly he made extraordinary remixes for Depeche Mode! Fantastic!
What a shame I did not post any of this before!
This shame will soon be resolved...
Watch this space...

As a teaser you get a very rare 12" single by Akabu recorded by Steve Beresford, Vyris Edghill, Valerie Skeete and Robin Halpin, mixed by ADRIAN SHERWOOD andTOM SILVERMAN (TommyBoy) edited by DOUBLE DEE & STEINSKI (if you don't know about them, wait til you can learn more here) in 1984.
Not really Reggae, but very much ON-U, perfect Body Rock as the label says! The message of the record is still necessary and important today! Girls, watch yourself!

AKABU - Watch yourself 12"


danke, du bist echt eins meiner lieblingsblogs

hi from marcus
thanx in advance for an aventually on-u-sound post! i have the first one by mark stewart and the maffia;if you got "as the veener ...",could you post it please?

@ Marcus
Actually I do have that, so wait and see...

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