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Woodentops + 7" + 12"

When I discovered the Woodentops
in 1984 it was a shock of joy. The fine
melodies of The Smiths combined with the energy of Gang of Four. Nice 6 and 12-string guitars, played at a frenzy, what else can a pop fan want! They arrived about the same time to me as the Go Betweens!

Woodentops - Giant LP

Woodentops - Plenty 12" + Well well well 12" + Everyday living 2x7"


I've just discovered this blog recently. Haven't gotten anything here yet. I have both of these woodentops albums on cassette and one on cd. That being Giant. An overlooked band for sure. Isn't it the case with good bands. If you like this stuff then you might like an album called "arrive without traveling" from the band the 3'oclock from the same time period. It's their best of all the other disc which aren't even close to this one. I don't have a blog myself and i haven't seen it on any blog yet. My copy is on cassette and falling apart.

Try this album Doctors of Madness - Figments of Emancipation over at http://palestinianlightorchestra.blogspot.com/. Another great overlooked band and worth a listen.

Hi Joerg!

thanx for sharing all that u do!

I saw the Woodentops live in 1987 and highly recommend their recordings.

If you like 80s type stuff you might wanna check out my blog at:


I do my own remixes & also use the "beckett" template.

Cheers! & thanx again!


Yeah, I liked Giant, too. Especially "Everything Breaks."

It looks like the American release had a different cover.


This site has lots of Woodentops mp3!

Loved the Woodentops back in the day. Remember I bought 'Move Me' as a callow youth back in 85 in an indie record shop in the east end of Glasgow.

Have to give you a thousand thanks for your blog, btw. Just stumbled across and it's WONDERFUL.

More power to your blogging elbow.

Hi Jorg,
I have just listened to the Giant LP and it was very good. It is a such a pleasure to find quality new bands (new to me, at least!). Thanks so much for the upload.

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