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Pop Group + Mark Stewart

One Marcus asked for the second Mark Stewart LP "As the veneer of democracy starts to fade", so here it is!

Tough rhythms by the former Sugarhill backing band Doug Wimbish, Keith Le Blanc and Skip McDonald ("It was this tape they´d done with like rockets going off and drums that sounded like steamhammers. I was going mental playing it to everyone."), very extrovert singing and shouting by Mark Stewart. Touches of Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop and early Industrial combine to a great package with hard messages on On-U Sound records. This is not Phil Collins.

Mark Stewart started with the Pop Group, a radical Wave/Post-Punk/Funk/Reggae collective from Bristol, that asked to throw down the government and rob a bank. What more do you want. And it still sounds fantastic. Tight rhythms and clever lyrics still make you want to start the revolution, but nobody does...

Pop Group - For how much longer do we tolerate mass murder? 1980

Mark Stewart - As the veneer of democracy starts to fade 1985

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hi from marcus
thanx for this masterpiece and for my request!!
if you want i can upload the first one by mark stewart...

still good after all these years.. :)
Is "Mass murder" cd or vinyl?
What are you planning for your On-U series? maybe we can do some sort of ping pong game ;)

danke gerne! Die hab ich nämlich nicht!
@friend electric
it is a vinyl rip.
For on-U there are still to come :
Judy Nylon - Pal Judy
New Age Steppers - First
Creation Rebel - Threat to Creation
Playgroup - Epic Sound Battles Chapter 1
Singers & Players - Revenge of the underdog
Singers & Players - Vacuum pumping
Annie Anxiety Bandez - Jackamo

These are my early On-U LPs.
So let's start the ping pong game!

alles vinyl? das rippen ist immer so
ich hätte als CD (only):
New Age Steppers - 1st
Creation Rebel -Threat
Playgroup - Epic So...1+2
Annie Anxiety - Jackamo
im Moment fällt mir nur noch die
Voice Of Authority ein,
aber da müßten auch noch die
alten von Dub Syndicate und
African Head Charge darunter sein,
ich geh dem morgen mal nach .. ;)

@friend oder wie heisst Du eigentlich?
rippen ist kein Problem, da ich momentan sowieso dabei bin.
die NAS hätte ich gern und Creation Rebel, ansonsten bin ich flexibel.

from marcus
it will be a really great on-u ping-pong!!
i remember that i bought the judy nylon cassette in 1994(but it was from 1982,isn't it?).
sorry, but i don't speak deutch..:(
...what could i have to do with m stewart & maffia first album"learning to cope with.."??
i have to upload or not?
tell me.

Please upload it!
If you don't have a blog send me the link and I will post it for you!

call me "Ishmael" ;)
Ich hab da (alle als cd):
African Head Charge-My Life In A Hole In The Ground, Environmental Studies, Drastic Season, In Pursuit Of Shashamane Land
Akabu-Warrior Queen
von Dub Syndicate hab ich nur Ital Breakfast seh ich gerade... komisch, ich dachte, ich hätte auch Tunes of the missing channel da gehabt..
ich guck mal weiter, müßten noch einige von Keith LeBlanc (=Spike), einiges von Doug Wimbish, Little Annie und co. da sein. Bin jetzt zu faul, die Listen ganz durchzugehen :(

Hallo "Ishmael" oder soll ich Moby sagen? ;-)
Von Keith LeBlanc habe ich tasteless cuts (blc1cd) und raw (blc2cd)und dann noch diverse Bim Sherman (Miracle!!!!)
African Head Charge - In pursuit of Shashamane land LP + 7"
Dub Syndicate - Stoned immaculate
Dub Syndicate - Live at the T+C 91 (ft. Bim Sherman)
Dub Syndicate - What happened 10"
Dub Syndicate - Echomania LP + 7"

got any Revolutionary Dub Warriors?

Hi you all,

sounds really promising, a lot of on-u gems! I will participicate on my blog with some Revolutionary Dub Warriors.


just went through the On-U discography. Including compilations/sampler I have ~70 cds of them (1 vinyl).
Continued with Creation Rebel's "Psychotic Jonkanoo"..

"Deliverance" by the Revolutionary Dub Warriors is posted.

I can't compete with that!!!

Ich meinte DICH
friend electric!

ich hatte jetzt allerdings auch die Blanc Records dazu gezählt (da mach ich noch mal ne eigene liste), dann relativiert sich das wohl so auf 65 oder so

Wow, what a great site. I have a vinyl edition of the second album by the Pop Group. Great to listen now after many years. Thanks again for this blog.


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