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Rapidshare changes affect me and you...

All links should be up and working again!!!!

Let's see for how long...

They seem to delete just by chance. Some files that had been downloaded 4 days ago are now gone. This makes keeping a blog alive pretty hard. So now I have to check the links every day and re-up the files.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Due to the change of the time after which Rapidshare deletes files that have not been downloaded from 30 to 10 days, some links on my blog are not working anymore. Some files can not be re-upped (Marc Almond zip, the mp3 is still there, no idea why, so get it as long it is up!).
If you want a special file, leave a comment (comments work now!!!). I try to get it all back online asap, but it will take a while (sob). I checked different free file hosters,. Who has experience with SpeedShare? This is somehow connected to Gulli's world so I am a bit sceptical.
In the future single tracks or small zips will be on Zshare, so you will have to open the window and scroll down to see the file and check it maybe click again, the large ones on Rapidshare (if you keep downloading them!) or whatever.
I just wanted to post some new records, but now I have to be busy with re-upping all the files which will take ages!


Hi Jörg!

Thanks for your fantastic blog!

Just testing the comments funtion ... Lets see if works!

Er... that should be "function"...

Hooray!!! Comments are working!

I'll add some comments to some of your other posts later.

A couple of requests:
- DIN A Testbild
- Defunkt (from NY with Joseph Bowie) - their first album is great.

I've really enjoyed your selection. Thanks!


OK - to answer you question check out Desposit Files:


I would suggest zshare.net. They've been quite good to me, keeping my shit for a while with unlimited downloads and uploads up to 1 gig.


sorry don't have them
if you are quick you may find Memory serves on http://mr-lucky.blogspot.com/

megaupload is fine

zshare has (like nearly? all other file hosters) an 100 mb upload limit, but i haven't tried all of the ones i know of yet, just megaupload (it's as fast as rapidshare IMHO), badongo (sucks, often cancels in the middle of the upload process for no apparent reason). currently i'm evaluting file.to, other services include uploaded.to, uploadyourfiles.de, verzend.be, turboupload.com etc.

@betr. die Bilder: Scheinen grade die zu sein, die einen Umlaut drin haben - die werden normalerweise kodiert abgespeichert, besser Sonderzeichen vermeiden bei Filenames, also keine Leerzeichen usw

habe mit megaupload beste erfahrungen gemacht (auch nur sehr wenige file-deletes). nur unwesentlich langsamer als RS, selten aber auch sehr langsam (10KB)

Upload on Megaupload is relatively slow, but when I downloaded from there it was ok.
I tried depositfiles, but that did not work, but the Marc Almond file is 112 MB, maybe that was the reason.

Another one to try - looks good.

As a free user, I have recently found I can't download from Rapidshare any longer. I'd be happy if you switched to an alternative file host, as I love the music you post.

I just tried downloading from RapidShare and it works perfectly normal.
If you want to avoid the long time, RS makes you wait between downloading two files, just disconnect your router from the net. After that your provider gives out a new IP-adress and you can download again.

great collection keep on the good work!!!
in my opinion do not try megaupload is one of the worst.
There's also http://www.4shared.com/
it is the best from all even rapidshare.
never deletes the files even when nobody downloads nothing at all.check it.

Great music. Thanks. Could you upload to sendspace or megaupload, because uploading keeps telling me there are no download slots available for my country.

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