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4 Kaiserlein + Ihmespatzen + Ti-Tho

If you read the slogan for this post, I am sure you will hunger for something long lost. Unfortunately I don't have anything by them on offer (until I get my tape working).
Anybody with any hint would be greatly invited to comment where I can get anything by the above mentioned!

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Hi, Jörg,
enabling your comments may have some benefits -> here's a small gift, as you seem not able to upload yourself:


Originally released as a k7 on Industrial Records in 1980, this was re-released on CD by Mute's Grey Area in 1992. So - this is a CD-rip!
As you normally post mostly vinyl or cassettes, this would be a challenge ...

Found covers for both releases including tracklist and short note are in the file.

78,5MB / @192kbs

(if you want to post this, please use the tinyurl above and not the gigasize link - links don't get killed so easy if they are anonymised!)

x-m ;)

Thanks for the link, unfortunately the zip seems to be broken. I get an error message from WinRar and there are only five tracks.

Salut Jörg,

hab gerade den Blog entdeckt und bin erstaunt darüber, was mir bislang alles entging!!!
Falls Du immer noch Hilfe benötigen solltest ... bei 4 Kaiserlein könnte ich Dir weiterhelfen.

Bis dann,

Hallo Gin,
würde mich ja gerne melden, aber wo?

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