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New Age Steppers

New Age Steppers started as a one-shot project featuring Mark Stewart from the Pop Group, Style Scott, George Oban of Aswad, Ari Up from The Slits, Bim Sherman and Neneh Cherry. Lead guitar was supplied by Keith Levene, who was the musical mainstay of Public Image Ltd.

British producer Adrian Sherwood was the only constant in the New Age Steppers, an ever-changing jam session that included members of the Slits, Public Image, Rip Rig + Panic, Raincoats and the Pop Group. The records are a melting pot of synthesized New Wave and Reggae, transmuted through dub studio techniques. In practical terms, that amounts to variations on a theme or, more accurately, a rhythm. And this rhythm is life.

The first song I heard was "Man next door" on John Peel's music on
BFBS and I was hooked! The mix of Punk, New Wave and Reggae was one of John Peel's
virtues and I was the sponge to swallow all this and I did, and I love it!
This was the first time European Reggae sounded right and real.

New Age Steppers - First LP Stat LP 9

Check out for info on Maximum Joy , similar but different!


Thanks so much for this. Been looking for this for ages now! Thanks thanks thanks!

Great blog too! I realised not many people give you comments!

By the way, I too have a blog. If you don't mind, I'll link you at my site too.

Thanks again!

I had a very quick glimpse at your blogs, very interesting!
Bur sendspace sucks.
I will link you too!

Jörg - thank you for NAS!

It would be very intersting to develop this theme (Sons & Daughters Of The Pop Group) if possible including more material such as:

... and building on what was started here ...

NAS, Maximum Joy, Float Up CP, Pigbag etc - all interesting projects.

Btw, also discovered some interesting Mark Springer stuff:


Hallo Jörg,
ich bin mit Mastermind Adrian Sherwood von seinem On-U-Sound-Label aufgewachsen und bin begeistert über Deine Posts. Ich selbst habe mehr als 70 Vinyls und freue mich endlich, einige dieser Scheiben als MP3 zu bekommen.
Mach weiter so!!!

from marcus
thanx for new age steppers...
...and, yes, i don't have a blog, but very very soon i will upload mark stewart first album...
se ya soon,boys!

from marcus
that's it!
i decided to play the on-u ping pong with you and frinds electric!
so i'll give you the first part of mark stewart and to frineds electric i'll give the second!
that's the first part,192 bit,sorry,no cover

@Anonymus (Edgy)
I have :
Pigbag - both Lps, Papa 12" + 1990 remix by Drumfish (Underwood/Johnstone), a few 7"
Maximum Joy - LP, Stretch and White + green land 12"
the RR & P compilation


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