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Maximum Joy - Special and general experiences

My special moment with Maximum Joy except of Stretch (everybody loved it immediately) was driving along on a road near Celle after I had spent a night in Düsseldorf listening to Marc Almond, Johnny Thunders, Patti LaBelle, Billy Bragg, The Stranglers, The Fixx in one great concert 21.12.84. I had to stick my head out of the window of my Kadett C City a few times before arriving safely at home.

Maximum Joy - M.X.J.Y.

Maximum Joy - Stretch (as off my record)

Maximum Joy - Stretch (as off my record and restored)

Maximum Joy - White and green place




Hey, i just discovered your blog. Really amazing records and wonderful presentation. I still have my old vinyl copies of quite a few Maximum Joy releases and this is what prompted me to visit your blog.

na, da waren wir ja am 21.12.84 im selben Raum ;)

Thanx a lot! Kooool music.

Thanks for posting this.
By the way do you have any more Snatch records ?

Thanks once again!

Interesting - a musical stepping stone between the Pop Group and Rip Rig and Panic.
I heard only a couple of things on the radio (many years ago) so it's nice to hear an entire album!


Wow! - not only is this a great post and an amazing blog, but also that's some great restoration work on your vinyl. What did you use to clean up tracks like "Silent Street"?

A thousand thanks...

@ Herr Ärmel
das ist ja ein Ding, ich hab noch Fotos davon (s. a. Marc Almond posts)

@ Ano 1
sorry, no.

@ Ano 2
I used the Nero Wave Editor that came with Nero 6 and lots of time, because I do not use the standard filters but edit every crack by zooming into the file very strong so you can cut out just the crack without losing too much of the music.

Hi Jörg,

großartige entdeckung Max Joy, kannte ich noch nicht. Vielen Dank!
Bin großer Fan von RR&P + Pig Bag. Ich suche noch die Peel Sessions von RR&P hast du da was? von denen habe ich die regulären Alben und 2 Maxis, bei Bedarf ... ich suche noch die Soloprojekt von RR&P Mark Springer zB ...
meld dich: delfisch aett uboot punkt komm

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