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Creation Rebel - Historic Moments Vol. 2

The recordings on this CD are from waaay back, 1978 if you believe Skysaw, our beloved "grandfather" of On-U Sound on the net. And of course we all do! He is THE capacity! Unfortunately we may be made to blame for a little shortcoming in the bandwidth of his site or at least the site where he hosts his pix recently... I hope this does not cause any problems (others than not being able to find album scans of On-U LPs...)
Finally I managed to get my old scanner working with XP and now I can scan at least CDs. LPs are too large unfortunately!
Anyway, you will find all the info at Skysaw's site!

Classic Sherwood Dub!!!!

Btw I really like the small photo. I think it was taken in Germany in the 80s. The Mercedes station wagon is extremely rare as MB did not have this in their official range, so it must be the work of a coach builder.

Creation Rebel - Historic Moments Vol. 2

CD front and back cover


i thought the indie was good but the on-u is better. thanks for all this.

Many thanks for all the ON-U posting. I myself have been fan of Adrian Sherwood since the early 80s. To me the Mercedes station wagon seems to be a former ambulance - maybe ?? At that time a friend of mine bought a similar Mercedes-ambulance and rebuilt it for camping. It turned out to be a very nice car.
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