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File Hosters

At the moment I use uploading.com, zshare.de, Rapidshare seems to be FULL, ha ha ;-).
I just changed ALL the links on this blog, so you just have to click on the link and a new window will open automatically while my blog will stay on your screen (until you click it away).
Does anyone have experience with Feedburner?
Do you use feeds?

If you download from uploading.com it some time happens that you just get the message to use their premium service, just click on refresh once or more and you will get to the download.


That's another reason your blog is tops! You use such efficient ways of posting music. Rapidshare has too many deletes and you have to wait too long. Zshare is great!

Stay cool and on top
The Suit

yes, rapidshare.de is full. i really thought never using rs anymore, but with rapidshare.com they may be in the ring again - 45 days, speedy, no counting.
we'll see, how it all work out!

that you can't upload files to rapidshare.de which is strange, because the upload-servers from rapidshare.com have the same names so i think it's not a technical but more of a legal problem

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