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Judy Nylon & Crucial - Pal Judy 1982 On-U LP 16

I have to send some "pings" to Friends Electric's multiple "pongs" (btw, thanks for the list!). I just saw that dorfdisco braunsfeld joined in too, great!

This is not that Reggae oriented as the other On-U Sounds posts.

Judy Nylon was an american expat in 70's London, where she started recording with Patti Paladin as RAF, using tape solicitations of the police in Germany, accessed by dialing 1166 on the phone in Cologne after Schleyer was kidnapped in 1977. A different version of this is on the Fetish EP (FET 004) from 1981, that you find below as a little bonus.

Pal Judy was released in 1982, produced by Judy Nylon and Adrian Sherwood. The musicians were Judy Nylon (Vocals/Producer), Chris Joyce (Drums), George Oban (Bass), Sean Oliver (Bass), Nick Plytas (Keyboards), Nick Plytas (Vocals), John Waddington (Guitar), John Walker (Engineer), Kendall Ernest (Guitar), Eskimo Fox (Synthesizer Percussion), Adrian Sherwood (Producer).

With Adrian Sherwood's amazing production technique providing the foundation, Nylon takes off on this dark, moody exercise in postmodern pop that includes an incredible downtempo version of "Jailhouse Rock." It's a tremendously seductive record.

You can find a good interview with Judy here.

Snatch - Fetish EP 1981

Judy Nylon & Crucial - Pal Judy 1982


Nice one! You made my day with this post! Excellent as usual! Thanks for posting such great music!

your humble fan
The Suit

I had bought this LP from the cutout bin in 1984 and left it in the car.. but it was a sunny day, and when I came back the record wasn't flat anymore. We tried to repair it with an electric iron, but it was useless - I could never listen to it..

That sounds like a great story to go along with the LP at least! A story that came in handy for you years later in a blog too!

the suit

Thanks for putting this up,
I've been looking for some Judy Nylon for ages

Thanks for this, the link to Pal Judy in particular. I found your post by Googling for Judy Nylon - who I was fortunate enough to meet a few times back in the seventies when she was part of Snatch. I had Pal Judy when it first came out and loved it. At that time I lived in a shared flat. At some point someone walked off with it. Up until tonight I hadn't heard it for 20 years or so. Really appreciate the happy memories it brought back - it's a great album.

Almost had a heartattack when i saw the full dowload of te full Pal Jusy record that i have searched since 10 years cause my copy end like cottage cheese in a car (yes another ! ) in Quebec city 22 years ago. God i love you ! It is the gift of the season ! Quelle joie !

Francois Desmeules, Montreal

All people that leave a comment, have lost this in very strange circumstances.
I've still the record (vynil LP, obviously)- it's in a box in my wife granny's canteen. It's about 60 miles from my home.
I hope it' still safe from any risks... Judy Nylon will forgive me.
The music sounds still very good.

Thanks for this, I've been listening to the Snatch compilation again recently & wanted to hear more of Judy's stuff - she sounds like an amazing woman! There's an excellent interview with here here btw: http://www.3ammagazine.com/litarchives/oct2001/interview_judy_nylon.html

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