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Blue Orchids - The greatest hit (money mountain)

This experimental UK pop band was a spin-off from the Manchester-based indie mavericks The Fall, actually they were kicked out by little Stalin Mark E. Smith. Una Baines (keyboards/vocals) and Martin Bramah (guitar/vocals) both found themselves outcasts from that band as the 80s dawned. They put together the Blue Orchids with Rick Goldstar (guitar), Steve Toyne (bass), and Joe Kin (drums), producing a sound that echoed the less esoteric moments of their former employer. Lyrics were usually spoken or half-sung, leaving a sinister and enticing set of songs that deserved a wider audience.
I especially love Una's organ playing!

"There is an economy of love and yearning in every chord, vocal or instrumental that breaks from the aching heart of the Blue Orchids' sound."
Barney Hoskins NME.

"Blue Orchids' pop is as exotic as their name... their sound is emotive yet economic, the effect subtle and striking."
Lynn Hanna NME.

The Blue Orchids are still working, have a look at their my space . You find additional info on Wikipedia .

Blue Orchids - The greatest hit (money mountain)1982


they sound a little like The Passage which is also a Fall spin-off

wonderful, the blue orchids, I have their first two singles and I like them a lot, and now all hits, fantastico and dank


You don't need a password!
On uploading.com you jast have to type in the tree digit code next to the box, confirm, and in the next window click on download.

great post! i was looking forthis a long time.
if you (or someone) could post their first two singles
i would be greatful!

...if it just would work :(((
Tried it four times now - all DLs were trunctuated.
Well worth the ty though.

alternate link:

no pass

(someone post their first two singles please.
they're even better than this!)


A quick update on file services: you might have noticed that rapidsh*t.de has morphed into rapidsh*t.com, which thus far has proved fast and easy to use, with no delays, but still with the 100 MB limit. Btw, the servers @ rapidsh*t.de are full and as I understand it no future uploads will be possible there. Instead customers are re-directed to rapidshare.com.

The reason for the change is advertising revenue. Rapidsh*t.de was banned by Google Adsense (you can guess why) so RS registered a new domain and and set up new dedicated servers. So it's still an option for all these out-of-print / hard-to-find goodies you continue to offer. ;)


Hello Jörg,
my blog started just 2 days ago.Nice to find me.
i'm very interested in that early underground NDW.Don't know too much about it.So keep up the good work.

Thanks for the mirror

I just found that out myself, the next files will be on RScom.
up to 7 DLs at the same time before they kicked me out as a bot!

been looking for the blue orchids for ages. yt again you come good. cheers

hallo Jorg
Blue Orchids ,man kann The Fall einfluss horen,ohne der Diktator ME Smith..sie haben spater auch Nico unterschutzt beim auftreten,vielen Dank

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