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What a (BAD) day!

Yesterday I heard that Rudi Carell died last week, THE showmaster in Germany since the 70s. Today Jürgen Klinsmann, the coach of the german football team, that gave us so much joy and pride in the last weeks, resigned.
And now I found out, that Syd Barrett died at 60 recently.
Three messages of a different depth of meaning. Rudi had cancer for a while, Jürgen decided to step off at the height of his fame, but Syd?
We knew he lived as a recluse somewhere in England, but he should live!
This is my tribute to him, go out and buy his rare albums!
This one is by the Television Personalities, also known as the TVP's to friends. Their "head" Dan Treacy knew about Syd's qualities as a musician and songwriter, so he wrote this song:

Television Personalities - I know where Syd Barrett lives

In 1987 I at least knew where Dan Treacy lived when I visited Matthias Hanich in London and he showed me Dan's house.
...and now I found out, that Banana Nutrament had this idea before me. Whatever...


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