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I am happy again!

Last night the German team beat Portugal 3 : 1 in the game for the third place in the Football World Championship (no, it is not the FIFA World Championship!).
Although many of the crucial players were missing due to injuries (and the No. 1 goalkeeper Jens Lehmann stepped back to let the former No. 1 Oliver Kahn get his last game for the national team, that is fair play!), it was a very good game!
Afterwards the players were getting a party, where everybody was asking, what would have happened, had they really won the cup. Nobody asked for the cup now, everybody enjoyed the fantastic mood of the night, as of the whole tournament. On banners in the stadium in Stuttgart you could read "Champion of the Hearts"! Everybody wants to keep our coach Jürgen Klinsmann now, a few months ago (after a devastating friendly ending 1 : 4 in Italy) his career seemed to have ended. Now everything he did was right, the american fitness coaches, taking very young players to the tournament, choosing relatively unknown players over older ones. I hope he will keep doing his work! Yes, we here in Old Europe have enjoyed it very well!

To celebrate this, I post a single by Palais Schaumburg, ZZ 23 from 1980. The B-side is Palais Schaumburg - Macht mich glücklich wie nie which translates to "Makes me happy as never before".
Well, this is a little overexaggerated for the moment, but it was a nice evening with also some tears of joy.
Of course as usual on Not Rock on, you get the A-side as well, Palais Schaumburg - Rote Lichter

Their style of minimal Art-Punk-Funk was pretty unique in 1980. Singer Holger Hiller was/is a kind of DaDa poet (many more solo work after the split from PS, just wait...), very strange lyrics, but perfectly matching the music.


I would think that they were a German Gang of Four, ut then my interest was driven by Beat of Two, their stab I guess at breaking in the US. Well, maybe not quite Gang Of Four, since I have no idea what most of their lyrics were about (American iconoclasm, I only learned a bit of French in school), and, of course, there is that German fascinaton with technology, to my knowledge not a whole lot of straight ahead rock and roll, guitar, bass, drums stuff, but interstng nonetheless.

I love Palias Schaumburg and bought the album in 1980 along with Telefon. I was not ware of this single. What other singles were there ?

I never got around to buying Lupa. IS it any good ? I have the Hockey single which sounds better today thab it did then, as I felt they were jumping on the Pigbag bandwagon.


maybe it had something to do with the production of Andy Hernandez also known as Sugar coated or Coati Mundi

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