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Robin Crutchfield - Hands in the dark!!!! + Les Vampyrettes

This is one of the first examples of New Music in the late 70's, I heard. This one was presented on NDR2 by Gerd Timmermanns. He played this close to Biomutanten by Conny Plank and Holger Czukay.

Les Vampyrettes - Biomutanten / Menetekel 12"

I had my transistor radio (that is an mp3 player you don't control to you, Kids) next to me when I was cleaning the cows stable and listened to very strange music. The cows didn't complain.
This is where SynthiPop started, real earnest art! Yet still fantastic melodies!
Zang Zang Zang Zang - That is what this record is about, at least for me. The lyrics set in and it get's more eerie.

This was one of the initial records for me, RC is still around. Robin Crutchfield
Support him! He is THE ORIGINAL, Co-founder of DNA with Arto Lindsay!

Robin Crutchfield - Hands in the dark


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