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Abwärts - Computerstaat EP

In 1980 this EP was a sign, against the ProgRock peers and against society, at least we thought so. Computerstaat is still a very strong and radical piece of music. In the end of 1982 everyone in Germany (including me) was mesmerized by Nena's red leather mini skirt, but Abwärts still got their message along. After Beirut Holiday Inn in 82 they got a little out of focus but they still have their purpose!

Abwärts - Computerstaat EP (zip file)

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Computerstaat is my favourite Abwarts, as well as the Amok/Koma LP, both on ZickZack. I think they lost their edge after that slightly.

The Alkohol 7" from 88 was the last I heard of them and it was cool, interested?

Fantastic blog! Easily my new favourite! If possible, please put up the Abwärtssingle from 88!

/Joel, Sweden

Any NDW is appreciated!Something by the Thirteen Moons would be nice too, since I've never heard them.

you can get to know them now!

Hoffentlich bin ich hier richtig! Die einzige Zick Zack Platte die in meiner Sammlung fehlt ist die FSK - Ca Cest Le Blues! Wer weiss wo diese zu finden ist? Ansonsten ist das hier eine rundum gelungene Sache! (Rückfragen an: 03817691516)

Wer weiss wo die FSK - Ca Cest Le Blues LP zu finden ist? NDW-Suchliste gibt es auf Anfrage!Ansonsten ist das hier eine rundum gelungene Sache! (Rückfragen an: 0381 7691516)

Die FSK hab ich leider nicht.
Und ich würde auch nicht meine Nummer hier posten!

FSK gibt es auf http://mister-happy.blogspot.com/

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