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World Cup begins!

Finally the soccer World Cup started today! My team started with a 4:2 against Costa Rica. We are still worried about the defense, but the offense did great. The opening ceremony was pretty neat too. And finally I like the WM song by Herbert Grönemeyer, normally he sometimes is pretty dull, but his song for the WM is great, all drums and chants, very African. Unfortunately I don't have it yet, but you get the inofficial hymn by Sportfreunde Stiller, a popular band from Bavaria with a love for football (soccer). They released a whole album of football songs (You have to win Zweikampf). The hit is 54 74 90 2006, combining the years when Germany won the Cup in an equation : 54 x 74 -1990 = 2006! So we have to win again!

Sportfreunde Stiller - 54 74 90 2006

I hope you enjoy the Cup as well!

ADD : The Sportis released a new version of this song after Germany was defeated by Italy in the semi-final : 54 74 90 2010 with slightly altered lyrics. The maths don't work anymore, but they say, we will be champion in four years!
Let's see...



I wandered to your blog through endless search for WM06 german songs...LOL. Thanks for sharing your uploads and I'm happy dat Germany won the 3rd placing yesterday =) yipee!


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