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At the moment this blog is a little football (soccer) orientated, but I can't help it!
Last night our team was in the first 1/8-final game against Sweden.
We had a lot of respect, when we heard we had to play Sweden, but fortunately the game was a game, two goals in the first 12 minutes. Who would have expected this???
Well not me, but I am happy, so I continue the happy vibe with

Kettcar - Ich danke der Academy

a great popsong. You can learn more about this fantastic pop band here :

This is one for the future:

Maximilian Hecker - Cold Wind Blowing

and another nice one from the past:

The Slits - So tough

Maybe the next one is not so anger-inducing now anymore, a great song with a great video, showing how the people worked to build up again, which you can see further up in this blog.

Paul van Dyk & Peter Heppner - Wir sind wir

A song that is trying to show some patriotism, that until now always has been hidden or shown by the wrong people, the lyrics are : We are We. Especially the video shows how the Germans built up again after WW2. One thing I mention about this song now (June 06) is that I hope we can give this song a modern edge, some pride, by getting this song sung by Germans for the 21st Century without us being seen as some stormtroopers!

Unfortunately this link is no longer available and even more unfortunately I do not have a copy of this file! Grrrr... If anybody has a copy he found here, please let me know by posting a comment to the newest entry to this blog, so I can update this post for everyone and myself.


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