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Andreas Dorau - Demokratie

As you might have noticed, the Football (soccer) World Championship is happening now in Germany. Our team started pretty good, so the mood in the public is great. Great peaceful matches, people from all over the world enjoying, even the weather is great!
This started something pretty strange. Germany had (with a reason) hesitations to show patriotism. For the first time now, having the competition in our country, people are taking joy in showing the colours without having to be called Nazis. I think this is a good thing, 16 years after reunification and all the fears that came with this in the countries around us. And there were and still are enough examples of the ugly German to be seen, especially in the East.
But now it's time to just enjoy the great mood in the country, thanks also to almost 60 years of democracy!
"Das ist Demokratie, langweilig wird sie nie!"

Andreas Dorau - Demokratie 1988

For this repost I included the B-side and the covers.

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nach fast 20 jahren endlich wieder diesen song zu hören ist eine wohltat!

vielen dank dafür und einen lieben gruss auch aus whv (!)

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