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MP4 Tracks

Unfortunately the license for MP3 on my Nero 6 version ran out, so I have to save songs from my LPs in MP4. After a bit of googling I found a MP4 Plugin for MediaMonkey, the tool I use to administrate my music collection. This plugin came from a Winamp site, so Winamp should be able to play this file format too.
Anybody who has an MP3 key for my prog (not just any codec, it has to work with N**o) will be granted with a unique download aka a special wish posted directly to his mailbox!

UPDATE - I will soon repost the mp4 files as zip files with single mp3s! I found a way by using LAME!


Why not use Adobe Audition?

You could record or re codec any audio format plus apply all the effects Nero has and more (1000's more)

I use Mac but for my Audio Science studies I have to use some PC apps, 1 being Adobe Audition, if you want the code I have it for version 1.5 & 2 and its never been used and has been paid for multiple users (100's) So seems a waste :)

Just drop by & email me.
My blogs just starting.
i started it in March but then a few days later had to move so never got to post and life was very hectic until now...
now i'm only laying a new wooden floor & buying ALL new furniture :) so not so hectic... much....


there is the free lame_encoder for mp3 and you can use it with the now free audiograbber, or the free audacity music editing software!!
best marcus

I found a plugin pack for Nero :


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