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Bernd Begemann Live

As you could already read in my post for the release party for the
Greatest Hits of the Süddeutsche Zeitung series 1000 Songs , I am a great fan of the german entertainer Bernd Begemann .

This Live CD gives a very good overview for new listeners. The man alone with his guitar rocking the crowd, everybody singing along having a great time!

Bernd Begemann Live

The autograph on the cover translates to 'always in good company with...'

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you got to see him live, so this is the best cd he ever released, the studio-cds have their ups and downs

One of the greatest blogs I've seen yet. I send you my truly respects for the kind of music you post.

Please, please please !!!! Repost "Origins" by Thirteen Moons. The old link goes to a Holger Hiller album.

Origins is up again!

You listen to kind of interessting music.
I love most of the Grad Hotel van Cleef artists, but i'm not a big fan of Bernd Begemann.
Well, everyone have own favourits.
(Listen to Tomte, they're greeeeeat!)

The reason why i'm writing is the fact that you're from Wilhelmshaven, aren't you?
Well, it's close to my hometown and it's nice to know that there are some people which are into music like me.

Happy new year, of course.

@ Homesick
woher bis du denn?
Tomte find ich auch klasse!

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