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Bernd Begemann + 1000 Songs in Munich

No posts for a week, but I had to visit my brother in Munich.
On the flight I read the Sueddeutsche Zeitung about a public reading of the 1000songs series featuring one of my favorite entertainers Bernd Begemann performing the best songs of the last 50 years! This was close to heaven, music nerds talking, plus my favorite entertainer playing, and all of that for just 4€ !
Go to berndbegemann.de and you can see some nice videos there + more!

He was at the Atomic Cafe with Philipp Oemke and Johannes Waechter, the journalists that created this fantastic project, who showed some entertaining qualities too. They were promoting the final of their books on 50 years of Pop music.

The great surprise was, that I won that "Best of" book of the series by spotting "Love will tear us apart" from the first few chords Bernd played on his guitar as the song the internet voters chose as best song of all times!
I was asked on stage to get it. Bernd wanted me to sing but I had to deny...
It was a great evening with Bernd playing songs from music history (and some of his own), accompanied by the two journos in a pretty nice way, followed by an after-show with nice 60s Pop and Soul (MOD POWER!), I danced a lot!
I was really overjoyed by this evening as I did not have so much fun for a very long time (living on welfare...)!

In the end of the evening I even jumped the stage to get the book I had just won signed by the actors, and they did. Bernd did not know he would be playing just a few Kms away of my place a week later at Omas Teich Festival in Großefehn, although I asked, but who can store all his appointments in his head if you have a management.

Of course this is not a link to the standard version of Joy Division's "Love will tear us apart", this is a version from the John Peel session of 26.11.79 produced by Tony Wilson (Head of FACTORY), broadcast on 10.12.1979 and included in the 4 CD box "Heart and Soul".

Joy Division - Love will tear us apart (Peel session 26.11.1979)

Thanks to Florian Zick for the photo from his cellphone! You can't see much but WE know who is who.

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