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It's my party...so Caroline says

Yesterday was my birthday, so now I can post a song that is really close to my heart.
Marc Almond, then Marc & the Mambas, recorded several songs around 1981/82 that are absolute classics in my eyes, in this case I don't care about you!

I was given "Untitled", the first Solo outing by Marc Almond of then chart-storming Soft Cell, in August 1983 by my girlfriend, after we both loved "Torch!" by Soft Cell. It did not take me long to adapt to these wonderful versions of the songs of sometimes then unknown authors. I immediately loved "Caroline says"! I did not know anything about this song. I had heard of Lou Reed, wild side, yada yada. But this man really could write songs!

Most were original Marc + songs, the collaborators were the Amazing Annie Hogan, Magic Matt Johnson (some also know him as The The), Cute Cindy Ecstacy and anybody not mentioned on the sleeve. My thanks go out to Val Denham and Huw Feather for the fantastic Non-Psygnosis artwork!

I chose this because this is my favourite song :

Marc & the Mambas : Caroline says

This song is such an enhancement to the original by Lou Reed from his famous 1973 album "Berlin"


You can compare it to the original here:

Lou Reed - Caroline says II



Yes I love both "Untitled" and "Torment & Torreros" Some of the best Marc records around. My favorite track from the first is the song "Untitled" and Brel's "If You Go Away"

Torment had so many nice songs in there too, my favorites being "Black Heart" and "Catch a Fallen Star"

I hope you had a great birthday.

I love Marc 'Oh! I'm soooo gaay!' Almond.
Take your hands off me!
Many happy returns.

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