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Holger Hiller Overload Part 4

This is (for now!) the final part in the Holger Hiller Saga, as far as I can tell it, feel free to continue but post me the links!
This is the 1992 LP DE-Mixed. I don't know if HH asked several remixers (all of them unknown to me) or if Mute just wanted some product. HH goes modern Electronics on these songs, but don't expect Ibiza. A record to listen to!
It came in a plain white cardbord sleeve with holes and a large sticker on, unlike the pic.

Holger Hiller - De-Mixed 1992

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i flipp! so many HOLGER HILLER releases - thanks a lot for this series!

it's so difficult getting these records - just have the demixed!

love hiller since heard him on the first (well, i don't have the 2nd one! ;) - great grünes winkelkanu! (there's a cunningham-related release on my "orang aural" blog - general strike's danger in paradise: heavy kids dub!


I think I can post the second PS soon. It is much different, not only because Hiller was replaced with Walter Thielsch (the two also worked together) but it was produced by Coati Mundi from Kid Creole &the Coconuts. But still very good, a bit easier on the ear maybe.

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