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Holger Hiller Overload Part 3

After his work with Palais Schaumburg (I am sure you have at least the two LPs!) Holger Hiller concentrated on his ouevre as an artist, but never really leaving POP. I think Johnny, Du Lump was his only ever "Hit".
Here you get the album "Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube" from 1983/4 and "Oben im Eck" from 1986. They show pretty well how he pre-used sampling technology long before anybody talked about it. There was the Fairlight (I am sure it is on these two, I just found out that he used an Emulator 1 he rented here but there is something else in using it creatively!
I really like these LPs, that were combined on CDSTUMM38. I'm not sure if it is Japanese, but it has the WAVE imprint.

Holger Hiller - Oben im Eck (1986) & Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube (1984)

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Hi, unfortunatly i don't have the two Palais Schaumburg LPs, but the few tracks I know by that band are absolutely great, would you mind to upload some Palais Schaumburg stuff, i'd really appreciate this (some KLF stuff would be great, too)

There are two PS songs in the archive June or July 06, more still to come

Hallo Jörg - vielen Dank für Holger Hiller.
Nun hab ich sie auch als mp3s -

viele Greetz from OL to WHV

thank for posting the Holger Hiller records ! Oben im Eck is so gooood !

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