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Kleenex & Liliput

This is the famous first EP by Kleenex on the Sunrise Label, released 1978. I bought it in a small very independent record shop in Lüchow with the very imaginative name Eulenspiegel. Lots of hippies there, but they were the only to sell these underground records.
Kleenex were from Switzerland, mostly female and great! Of course I heard about them through John Peel.
In 1980 they had to change their name to Liliput, the music stayed fantastic.

Kleenex - Sunrise EP

Liliput - Eisiger Wind / When the cat's away then mice will play

You surely know about them or else go to Wiki or search around.

Brotbeutel posted a tape with a Kleenex interview from 1979, I don't know if he put it online again, just have a look at his blog!

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oh, i love kleenex/liliput! - reading about them in the greil marcus book made me very curious, and he had the swiss adress in it, were you could order both the kleenex book and the double cd (some time ago...)

i never saw the vinyl releases - not near stuttgart, were i lived till 99, and not in hamburg were i'm now. but i still have the double-cd from off-course (re-released some time ago by kill rock stars) and the book - and they're real treasures!

thanks for sharing this!

i've posted the off-course 2-cd-set from kleenex/liliput here:

the interview at brotbeutel is sadly dead!

and thanks for the last contribution in the last gringos set! kurt 'pyrolator' dahlke made another recent statement in the comments to my gringos-post about them - he tells, that they're still active, though with another name.


I am just downloading your Kleenex CD, thanks.
Somewhere on the web I found an interview with Marlene Marti that contained her email. She answered pretty fast and said she still likes to receive fanmail and how much fun they had back then.

hey! i am from kill rock stars and i wanted to let you know that we have a kickstarter up to raise the funds to get the kleenex/liliput 4LP box set released. if we don't meet our goal, we don't get any funding and we won't be able to release it. hopefully your readers can help us out and contribute what they can! it would be amazing to have this complete collection available to people on vinyl, don't you think?

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