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I am lost... now was

Unfortunately s6.11Mbit.in does not work anymore. It worked fine as long as it did. For the moment I will use rapidshare although it is not that user-friendly for people wanting to download things if they don't have an expensive account there. Although I received the tip to just delete your Temporary internet files (in IE - Extras - Internet options - TIF - Delete files) or just disconnect your router.
I also try zshare.net. It works and you have the advantage, that you can listen to the file (if it is mp3) in a media player on the website. So you can decide if you really want that file before downloading it completely.
Maybe you have better alternatives!
Try it and tell me about your experiences or alternatives!

I will use Rapidshare for large files and Zshare for small files (expect exceptions...)
UPDATE : Rapidshare.de at the moment says ALL HARDDRIVES ARE FULL, so I will give a chance to uploading.com


Try Megaupload, for downloaders it works quite good!

I've just discovered your blog, and I feel like I really miss something..
=please fix some old post! I'm waiting for the Zimmermanner...


Try Megaupload!

Thanks for all the great post!

You think you'll restore the broken links?

Oh, please, do it!


Bye Lupetto

Rapidshare works fine for me. Download then listen and then waiting time is nearly over - if you've seen something else you think you might want to hear. Who needs to download 60 albums in 60 minutes? Get a grip guys, don't get greedy!

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