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Completing the Holger Hiller overload this is the first single by Hamburg's Geisterfahrer and also the first record on Alfred Hilsberg's ZickZack label.
Geisterfahrer at that time were Matthias Schuster, Hans Keller, Michael Ruff and Holger Hiller.

Geisterfahrer - ZZ 01 EP 1980

The first LP was released later that year. Holger Hiller had left for Palais Schaumburg,
Jürgen Weiss came in on drums.
I bought this record, together with Unknown Pleasures and Closer by Joy Division from my first Bafög (state money for students, 290 Deutschmarks for free, that was great!). I went to Uelzen on my Hercules Ultra to invest the first part of the money on records I had heard of on John Peel's Music on BFBS, a show I started listening to in May, shortly after Ian Curtis' suicide, of course a lot of Joy Division on the playlist then. I was fascinated by the sound! Very clear production, a fantastic sound, very different to ACDC or pompous rock prominent at that time. Space, dark moods, perfect! I had not listened to it for a long time, but it still makes me feel special.
I listened to these records a lot, but I think I could restore the music to harddisk good enough, I did my very best, not much noise left.

Geisterfahrer - Schatten voraus LP 1980

THE BEST OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Download it if you want something special!

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mit diesem post hast du als der grösste NDW blogger den ich kenne fest etabliert
es tut nicht mehr weh ist meiner meinung nach das beste was die geisterfahrer jemals gemacht haben

As I am in the process of downloading the Geisterfahrer records I thought it was about time I thanked you for your inspired and slightly deranged Holger Hiller Overload Experience. I bought Holger's "As Is" off Amazon a few months back and I like it very much. That CD got me interested in his other work and it's great to be able to catch up on all this early material. This sort of service is just where the download blog culture is at its best ... expanding the possibilities for those who love good music.

Download Link is broken

will be up again soon

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