Hello everybody in the UK!

Even though I have my new job now, every Penny is welcome. If you have a look at the lower end of the sidebar on the right you will notice some new flashing banners.

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Hallo allerseits,

da ich trotz neuen Jobs immer noch dringend jeden Euro benötige, wäre es nett, wenn ihr euch die blinkenden Banner unten in der Sidebar ansehen könntet. Wenn ihr draufklickt kommt ihr zu Seiten, die zu sensationellen Preisen dennoch qualitativ hochwertige Produkte anbieten. Für Druckerzubehör (kompatible Patronen ab 0,57 Euro, Toner, Fotopapier, CD-R, DVD-R, etc.) klickt auf das erste Banner. Beim zweiten gibt es alles, was ihr rund um euer Handy braucht (Akkus, Taschen, Freisprecheinrichtungen, etc.). Beim dritten gibt es Spielzeuge für Erwachsene, die man früher für teuer Geld in Flensburg bestellen musste ;-), aber auch nette Kleidungsstücke und alles für eure nächste "heisse" Party zu Mini-Preisen.

Falls ihr die Angebote interessant findet, möchte ich euch bitten, über die Banner auf die Seiten zu gehen und euch dann dort zu registrieren, wenn ihr etwas bestellen möchtet, damit meine ID dabei übertragen wird. Dann habe ich durch das Partner Programm auch etwas von jeder eurer zukünftigen Bestellungen. Aber keine Angst, ich erfahre nicht, wer was wann wo bestellt hat. Das PP könnt ihr auch selber nutzen, ohne dass ihr da bestellt oder eine Homepage habt, nur durch Weitergabe der ID zur manuellen Eingabe bei der Registration! Eine nachträgliche Änderung eines Accounts ist leider nicht möglich. Die ID notrockon könnt ihr auch selber als Referral ID eintragen, falls ihr euch später registrieren wollt. Für Rückfragen einfach einen comment hinterlassen!

Ich kann euch diese Shops wirklich empfehlen, da ich weiss, dass dort gute Ware für minimale Preise angeboten wird!

Also dann, schaut mal rein und denkt an mich!



Gabi Delgado - Mistress 1983

After being a member of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft or DAF for years, Gabi Delgado-Lopez decided that maybe more popular music could mean success. In the summer of 1983 this seemed very reasonable as New Wave had become acceptable and even old Punks (without those still thinking it was 1977) thought it was time to dance again on the volcano.

Gabi, originally Spanish, shows a nice mix of electronics and Latin Lover, very seductive. I liked it very much then and was glad to find it in a bargain bin by the end of 83. Unfortunately this was only the Cassette version, but the sound is ok. As usual this was recorded as mp3Pro, so do not be set off as it is only 96 kbps.

Gabi Delgado (Lopez) - Mistress (MC version) 1983

His D.A.F. companion Robert Görl also released a very nice solo record (with the assistance of Annie Lennox). Find more here .

Unfortunately this link is no longer active as this file may not be distributed.

When I just reopened the page I could see some similaities in the pictures of Gabi and the one of me on the right ;-)) Those were the times for sinister looks and shadows in the background...

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Modern Lovers, Original

To mark my return to the Blogworld (and also because I had it already stored on my HD and no CDs are readily available due to the Great CD Robbery) here is the Original first LP by the Modern Lovers, then still featuring Jerry Harrison, later with the Talking Heads. The songs on this record were produced with legendary Kim Fowley between Summer 72 and Fall 73. There are lengthy liner notes by Jonathan himself, but to read them completely, please buy the original record! These songs preceded the recordings with John Cale that would later result in the actual first Modern Lovers LP. There is unfortunately no longer any further information at Rock in Boston.

You always hear that was Proto-Punk, but this is just perfect Pop music of a very own style! Strangely enough, my edition of the 1982 Line Records re-release white vinyl edition also contains 'I'm straight' as track 4, although uncredited on the sleeve.

I am a fan of Jonathan Richman since more than 30 years. I just found out now (ohmygod, am I that old?), I first heard Roadrunner in 77 or 78 as a kid. JR was really brought to my attention by 'Egyptian Reggae' around 77 or 78 by Gerd Timmermanns on NDR2. Early in the 80s I found the 77 Live LP at a flea market. Since then I was hooked. I have seen him several times since my first JR concert in 1988 in Münster. In the early 90s I saw him in the Berlin Loft and the next day in Hamburg and even met him in person on the Reeperbahn! Great guy! There were concerts closer to my then home Braunschweig, as recorded in my previous post on the concert in Hildesheim.

I am not really up to date as what he does today, but I am sure he will be close to your town soon. If you do not go to a concert, if he is playing near you, you will definitely have to go to hell if you do not go hear him! So better be there!

He was responsible for influences on the first wave of British Punk (Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols remembered this) and not only remembered for his fanatical love of Velvet Underground. Sleeping in Lou Reed's appartment is not his only merit.

To be honest, I prefer his post 77 tracks, although ML were pure class. There was more fun in his music afterwards. Go to the Hildesheim concert and listen to the Bermuda story (I am the one who asked for it...). A few days after that concert I heard Bang Bang Lulu in a supermarket! You will find out why he changed... Remember Splinter in Berlin? (This is only intended to be understood by one person).

I had a lot of continous fun with his music ever since and his concerts since then. I do hope you will be able to understand my fascination with this fantastic entertainer Jonathan Richman!

Have fun with Jonathan!

There will be no updates automatically. As now I am busy with updating my own life, I do hope one day I will be able to be more stable regarding new posts.

There is a fantastic review by another collector on JoJo here. I can sign almost every word of it (except the remark on 'Hospital', one of the greatest songs of all time!)!

Modern Lovers - Original 1972/73



STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody!

It is a long time since I last updated my blog. As you may have read in my last posts, I have a new job now. After a lot of moving several times, I finally have an appartment since December. By the end of January I finally had access to the internet again. Unfortunately, I do not have much time left for the blog as the new job is rather time consuming. Nevertheless I prefer it this way than not having a job and too much time.

While I was already at my new place some ruthless bastards broke into my old flat and besides other valuable things as my Teddy bear, they stole most of my CDs, many originals from the 80s. Impossible to get them back (and my Teddy). More than 1000 are misssing, only about 200 are left, some were in the top shelves they could not reach, some newer ones in drawers (from my trip to USA + Canada in 2004) and the ones I had next to my computer like thankfully the Indie Scene compilations are still in my possession. The record collection was left untouched (almost) completely. Probably they did not know what to do with them. Nevertheless they took some box sets (the Palatine 4 CD box!). Very lazy and stupid thieves! Therfore the reference to 'To catch a thief' with the divine Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. I think I know who did it but unfortunately I have no proof. Therefore the Police will not search their premises.

I am still in the process of setting up my new home. Some moving boxes are still untouched. At least I have the PC working and since last weekend the Stereo is set up finally. These bastards also stole my Audioplay Charly speakers I bought in 83. They were unique as they were round cardboard tubes with a 12" woofer on top. See left.

I will try to get my stuff sorted so I can post more music in future. With regard to the current situation it may take a while till you find new posts here. I will try to get hold of old records to post here again! Possibly the Sarah project might be the next step. The singles were not stolen thankfully.

I do hope you will still be satisfied with my blog!
Here are some songs with a reference to thieves! Unfortunately The Thief of Baghdad is not included yet.

Thieves of different kinds (several songs with thieves, any more suggestions are welcome!)

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