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Gabi Delgado - Mistress 1983

After being a member of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft or DAF for years, Gabi Delgado-Lopez decided that maybe more popular music could mean success. In the summer of 1983 this seemed very reasonable as New Wave had become acceptable and even old Punks (without those still thinking it was 1977) thought it was time to dance again on the volcano.

Gabi, originally Spanish, shows a nice mix of electronics and Latin Lover, very seductive. I liked it very much then and was glad to find it in a bargain bin by the end of 83. Unfortunately this was only the Cassette version, but the sound is ok. As usual this was recorded as mp3Pro, so do not be set off as it is only 96 kbps.

Gabi Delgado (Lopez) - Mistress (MC version) 1983

His D.A.F. companion Robert Görl also released a very nice solo record (with the assistance of Annie Lennox). Find more here .

Unfortunately this link is no longer active as this file may not be distributed.

When I just reopened the page I could see some similaities in the pictures of Gabi and the one of me on the right ;-)) Those were the times for sinister looks and shadows in the background...

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I've been looking for this for years! An underrated pleasure. Thanks

Thank you for sharing Gabi Delgado. 'History of a Kiss' was one of my favorite songs back in 1983. I'm also happy that you shared the solo record from Robert Görl.

Hello Jorg!
I'm enjoyng your Indie 1979 collection will I stumbled upon Gabi Delgado.Wow!!I have this on LP back when Goethe Institute of Athens sold the all for 1e each to turn to cd format.Memories
Dimitris from Athens

just found the vinyl for $1.
bought it mostly because of conny plank, came home and looked it up. boom-gabi delgado from DAF.
what a score.

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