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I have a new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I found a new apartment in Bielefeld after a very long search!!!!!

Relatively close to my work and the inner city, 60 square meters, kitchen and a nice balcony to the south and a nice green backyard. The rent is not cheap but ok. I have seen a lot of terrible apartments during the last weeks, so I am happy now. I had to live in a hotel since November 1st, so I am glad that I can move out on Sunday. I do not want to think about the final bill, almost a month's salary...

The job is developing better every day, more on this soon! Challenging but also very rewarding, great team, new opportunities, I really enjoy it after the long time of unemployment. I had more time for my blog, but I hope you will understand, that I have new priorities now. I can not post as much as a year ago when I had nothing else to do. When I have my archive back at hand I hope to do one post per week, but don't nail me down on that! Before that I have to do a lot of packing up all my stuff and moving and refurbishing so don't expect a new post before December. I am already thinking of something special, maybe some season's greetings.

The picture is the (in)official seal of the Republik Freies Wendland (Free Republic Wendland), the region where I originally come from. Just to have a pic in this post... Find more about it here on this fantastic website on the history of Landkreis Lüchow-Dannenberg in the past 100 years. Many thanks to Burghard Kulow for collecting all these wonderful old pictures and stories. I spent most of last weekend searching and finding very interesting information on the history of the area that I grew up in and had to find out that I knew very little about this very beautiful part of Germany. It was rather cut off during the cold war, but now it is in the center of Germany and Europe, but still very beautiful. Things changed a lot since the breakdown of the German border, thank God, although I am not a very religious person.

Thanks for still being faithful, I try to at least keep all the old links working, so you always have a pretty large archive to browse through!


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Congratulations on your new home and positive work situation. I hope the new year 2008 brings you more good things.

Thank you for the link to the Free Republic Wendlend site...I do not know the German language but I can guess a little bit at what the history is about from the photos. Very interesting.

And of course thanks for the music that you take the time and energy to post. It is always enjoyable and unusual.


welcome back. You have some great stuff on your blog so congrats.

hello! i am new to your blog and it is very special and gorgeous. thank you for all the ndw!

love xo

and i thought bielefeld is an imagination, an illusion, maximum a hamlet like the famous Potjomkinsche Dörfer. Isn't it true that there is just a great conspiracy from people who want us to believe in the existence of bielefeld? http://www.bielefeldverschwoerung.de/

jörg i really thought you're a genuine person! i'm very disappointed about you're attempt to bluff us: B I E L E F E L D

Ich wünsch Dir natürlich auch alles Gute!

Hallo Likedeeler!

Ich weiss gar nicht mehr, wie oft ich das schon gehört habe, seit ich hier bin... ;-) Nach Aussage von Alt-Bielefeldern soll das auf eine alte Städtefeindschaft mit Münster zurück gehen. Danach wird M. auch nicht mehr in der örtlichen Presse erwähnt, nur noch als M. oder "Stadt im östlichen Westfalen". Die sind schon etwas strange hier, aber bislang fühl ich mich sehr wohl, zumal ich jetzt endlich eine vernünftige Wohnung hab! Demnächst schau ich mal wieder bei Dir vorbei, das kam in letzter Zeit erheblich zu kurz. Ich hab es gerade mal geschafft, mein eigenes Blog up to date zu halten. Gerade läuft übrigens der Quatsch Comedy Club mit einem Auftritt von Ingo Oschmann, auch aus BI, den soll man sogar beim Jibi treffen...

Bis bald!


To me, you are the man who recorded and, twenty years later, posted the Smiths concert in Hamburg, so now, it just makes me happy to read some news from you. So I read with interest your job and apartment stories, and I am glad it turns in a way you like. (And no, I won't sing "I was looking for a job and then I found a job...")

Congratulations !


who wants to know all that garbage u talk about? i think nbody. so u better post some good stuff than talking a lot of shit about your new flat. poor guy.

I think you do not understand what blogging is about. This is not just offering downloads to stupid leechers but interaction of users of the internet. This is not amazon or itunes.

You do not have to come here again. Nobody forced you to watch my page.

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