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MediaFire seems to have deleted a lot of my files and they do have some trouble with their servers at the moment

I reupped some files already, but I can not find every missing link without your help! I am still busy to upload the files again, because my connection is not that reliable.

I uploaded a lot of files again! I hope I found all the deleted files. If you stumble upon one that I missed, please leave a comment here, because I can not check the comments in the older posts regularly.

There seem to be some problems with Mediafire. I will watch this problem. If Mediafire is down, I will have to reup all those files again to other file hosters.... This will take time. Be patient!


hallo jörg. ja, es scheint als lösche mediafire alle dateien, die als split-archive oder unter sehr ähnlichen namen abgelegt sind. mir ging es ähnlich in den letzten tagen. inzwischen habe ich für fast alles einen (mindestens) zweiten download angelegt. muss man wohl mit leben...

falls es interessiert: ich war ein paar tage in düsseldorf und habe sehr hübsches mitgebracht, live-aufnahmen von mittagspause, daf, kfc und deutlich seltsameres. kommt bei gelegenheit und ist zum grossteil von den künstlern abgesegnet.

gruss aus stuttgart: ralf

Hi, would you mind reupping the Lizzie Mercier Descloux albums you previously uploaded? They no longer work. Thanks!

mysteriously the files are back online without me doing anything...
Maybe they only had some trouble with their servers.

Hey man!
Great blog you got here. Thanks for sharing such good music!
It's a shame what happened to your links.
cheers from Brazil

The Glaxo Babies link is "invalid" - pity, I was looking forward to that...

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