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Jonathan Richman live in Hildesheim

This is a huge file and a wonderful piece of entertainment. If you ever get the chance to see Jonathan Richman you HAVE to go see him! I saw him quite a few times already and his concert in Hildesheims Vier Linden was one of my favorites. A few days before I saw him in Berlin at the Loft, pretty good concert, but not that extraordinary. In Hildesheim there was a completely different crowd, maybe it has to do with the old small - big town. The crowd assisted Jojo from beginning to end (The Beat!). He recruited singers from the audience and played songs asked for by listener´s (well, not always...). I can be heard on several occasions on this tape (btw, it is a very good audience recording by a guy from Hannover, who gave his tape recorder to his underage son to avoid problems). I recommended the Bermuda song, because I had heard the story already in Berlin. It is pretty funny that I heard the Bermuda Strollers' song Bang bang Lulu a few days after the concert as muzak in a supermarket!
This tape contains most of JR's hits (Give Paris one more chance is unfortunately missing, as well as...) performed by a real ENTERTAINER! Who can keep 500 people glued to his lips for more than two hours and lets them voluntarily make a large part of the show, must be a real fine artist!

Jonathan Richman live in Hildesheim Vier Linden 03.10.1990 complete pt. 1 RS

Jonathan Richman live in Hildesheim Vier Linden 03.10.1990 complete pt. 2 RS

Jonathan Richman live in Hildesheim Vier Linden 03.10.1990 complete pt. 3 RS

The setlist is in the comments!
For the quicksharing links you just have to click "Download file", you don't have to worry about all those crazy commercial links!


Could you post a setlist for those of us who download from Rapidshare?



1. Intro
2. Now is the time
3. Fender Stratocaster
4. I love hot nights
5. Double chocolate malted
6. Let's take a trip
7. Gail loves me
8. You're crazy for taking the bus
9. Reno
10. All I need
11. Reelin' and rockin'
12. this kind of music
13. Guitar solo
14. Conga drums
15. UFO man
16. The neighbors
17. Vincent van Gogh
18. Everyday clothes
19. Dancing late at night
20. When I say wife
21. We are together just for fun
22. When she kisses me
23. It's you
24. Chewing gum wrapper
25. Pablo Picasso
26. Velvet Underground
27. Reelin' and rockin'
28. Twist and shout
29. Rock 'n Roll will stand
30. Bermuda
31. New kind of neighborhood
32. She doesn't laugh at my jokes
33. Since she started to ride
34. That summer feeling

This is a fine recording! Is there any way I could get hold of it as as WAV files rather than MP3? (I have a wedge of live JR tapes if you'd be interested in a trade).



Any Chance Of A REUP? Please Reupload this I would be very very thankful for that. :)

Can you repost the files? Rapid share site says no longer available. I had a similar bootleg on a cassette from an english concert two years later and would LOVE to hear this again!

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