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El Records - The legendary B sides 1995

This is my last post for this year as I will spend Christmas with the family, and I neither have DSL nor my record collection there. I hope we will all have a peaceful Christmas and a good start into the New Year!

This is a collection of the rare B sides of the wonderful El Records records. Enjoy! And see you back in 2007 with lots of interesting music!

"El was the brainchild of Mike Alway, who envisaged a seamlessly artifactual indulgence/essay in façade; imagine an ambitious cultural montage drawing on references unheard of within the traditional scope of pop including food, travel, costume, leisure and sensuality. like the visual fantasies of the avengers and patrick mcgoohan's prisoner and using the recording studio as a time machine, el would simultaneously charm, educate, confuse and amuse. alway guessed from the outset that the ambition of the approach might fly over the public's head and his estimation proved to be absolutely accurate." (from their website)

El Records - The legendary B sides 1995 CD 1

El Records - The legendary B sides 1995 CD 2

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greetings from greece

Hey Wonderful, Thanks for the great posts, have been looking for and now enjoying these very much!


Hope this is the right place to put this comment but is there any chance of resurrecting the Girls At Our Best link? I've been looking for that album for years, decades!

I have the vinyl but no way to play it and can't find it ANYWHERE on CD or MP3.


Thank for this and all the other wonderful posts Jörg. One thing that i have problem with though is that the sound, volume ? on the downloads is fairly low. Perhaps it is just me but is there any way to change this ? It is especially lizzy mercier descloux and the compact posts that this relates too.


@ Calle
I did have no complaints about this before.
When I record LPs on my PC I do it like in the days of the tape recorder and put the level to the max without distortion.
When I rip CDs I use FreeRip, where I just checked the settings and the ripping volume is set at 100 %.
Maybe you should just turn up the volume or get a sound system with a subwoofer for your PC.
There is no difference in the volume of ripped CDs and LPs on my system.
But thanks for the comment!


i´ll just have to turn up the volume then. The reason i asked was that both lizzy and the compact collection were so good that i wanted the ultimate listening experience. And speaking of Tot taylor, do you possible have his "menswear" lp and a single called the "girl who had everything" ? if so, possible we could do a trade, i can email you may mail later.


hello jorg,
happy new year!
i missed your SARAH 100!!!
i appreciate and thankful if you can re-post it? plaese..
thank you & more power to you.
God Bless.

This is a really great blogspot!

We have the same interest in music!

I really love all the music I know of beforehand and will check out your German faves!



@ Calle
By Tot I have Box office Poison and My blue Period on LP and CD Music for the lefthanded

Sarah 100 is still on mediafire, it works on my comp.


Great blog. Thanks for the Music !!!

Also have a look on hiskilla.blogspot.com


Ok, i see jörg, well, the compact compilation is so wonderful so that´ll we do, thank you so much for posting it


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