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Compact Organisation

The Compact Organisation was something that had to be dreamed up! Perfect Pop Music for hip people! They made a big buzz in the early 80's but unfortunately they did not sell enough records... but still very influential samplers!
I still love the work of Tot Taylor (some of his albums may be posted here!).
Just enjoy this perfect POP!

A young person's guide to Compact

Compact Singles

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Oh man, this is WONDERFUL!
I was thinking about this a few weeks ago. I bought the record when it came out and I loved it.
Thank you so very much!

Thanks for the 'Young Person's Guide.' I never heard of this stuff, but it's wonderful - kinda like an alternate-universe version of the El label.

Unfortunately, I can't get the second link to work - I've tried three times, but the file isn't functional.

Never mind - fifth time was the charm. Worth the effort, though. Great stuff. Thanks!

That is the problem with uploading.com, you sometimes have to try again to find a download slot.

Thanks a lot. I never heard a better voice than the voice of "the academy of fine popular music"!

Oh man I'm speachless!
Excellent Thank you so much

Thanks for your amazing taste !

wow this is incredible, the compact singles doesnt work anymore, im busting to hear it!


not-rock-on.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

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