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Sarah 587 Shadow Factory

I bought my first Sarah record from Malibu, a mailorder from Hamburg. Jackie Eldorado worked there too. I bought many records from them, but it is this one that I care about.

I first heard "Pristine Christine" on John Peel and loved it, the energy.
Then I wanted to find out more and "Shadow Factory" came. From then on I collected all the Sarah singles I could get my hands on. I have a few nice letters from Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes, the hands and brains behind SARAH.

Sarah 587 Shadow Factory

Watch this space for Sarah 7" in the future! (I am afraid this will take longer than expected, but do come back!)

As a bonus you get the very fine charity LP Becket House, featuring Brighter & Durutti Column. You can still donate to

Becket House,
Wardalls Grove
Avonley Road
New Cross
SE14 5ER

Becket House

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Hi Jörg,

das PW für Dicte-moi ta loi ist


Viel Spaß und Danke auch für Deinen Blog und das Verlinken von meinem!

Thank you for this beautiful sampler. Do you have "There And Back Again Lane", the other Sarah records comp that came out on CD? Thank you for the wonderful music on your blog. Oh, and thank you for the "Prayers and Pillows" too.

I think this would be a nice gift for christmas, possibly topped by some el records samplers, if there is enough time!

somebody sells lots Sarah records on ebay at incredible prices!
Maybe he heard I will post them next year.
I am NOT the seller!
The user-name is 543-dabei-technics

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