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Kristen Haynes - Superstar to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may have seen in my previous post on the fantastic success of the PayPal action, only one person in the whole world felt inclined to donate a few Euros. This special person is Kristen Haynes from Brisbane, Australia. Imagine that, I ask for support sitting in Germany and someone from as far away as Australia answers. I LOVE the internet!

She is not only a very nice person from what I found out during our recent e-mails, but also a very talented singer and songwriter.

She has a MySpace site here. Some of the songs there are also featured in the file you can download below. Spread the word!

Some of her faves: Nina Simone, Gillian Welch, PJ Harvey, Björk, Jeff Buckley, Marvin Gaye, and on and on. I'm really into Talking Heads, solo David Byrne, and Paul Simon circa Graceland - all that percussive cross-cultural mash-up. Afro-Brazilian, West African, South African, Middle Eastern, Eastern European... I loved being introduced to Lizzy Mercier Descloux. Other favourite bands include Radiohead, The Smiths, Cocteau Twins and The Pixies.

And she seems to have enjoyed the Thirteen Moons!

The first songs posted are as a duo with the bassist Adam Oscar Storey. Great songs with great performance!

Actually I wanted to build up your interest before I would post the next of Kristen's songs, but I could not wait. Two more are included in the zip file. I am sure you will enjoy them just as much as I did. Please spread the word wherever you will go!

All songs and recordings are released here with the artist's support and permit, but protected under a Creative Commons license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/au/), photos used © Trent Everitt (www.trenteveritt.com). You can even contact her directly via kristenhaynesmusic at gmail dot com. There is a mailing list for further info!

From her MySpace, Kristen Haynes: "I swear by The Saints I will conquer Australian music, even if it means burning the Midnight Oil." I hope this will go further than only Australia!

Kristen Haynes - 4 Songs

Thank you for the beautiful comments, Jörg! It's rather thrilling to be featured on your site alongside such amazing artists - I'm loving the Thirteen Moons more and more each day. You'll be one of the first to hear the completed record (and I'll mention you in my Grammy acceptance speech...)


I am sure fans must have got impressed with this blog!!!

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