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Live Münchner Rocktage 1982

Looking at my last posts, you find some live recordings and here is another one, recorded in May 1982 (I think). The event were the "Münchener Rocktage" (Munich Rock days) with several german New Wave bands. I recorded this from the radio, but on a cheap tape, sound is ok.
Liaisons Dangereuses play their classic "Los ninos del parque", Die Krupps bang on steel and (mainly) synths for "Goldfinger" and "Wahre Arbeit wahrer Lohn".

Peter Hein & Family 5 played in public for the first time. A Latin version of the Fehlfarben classic "Es geht voran" and "Muff Gruff" show him in a angry mood, ranting about how bad Fehlfarben were and how bad the NDW-bands that went to the charts were...
Two songs each by Trio "Yaya", "Los Paul!" and Östro 430 "16!, "Ich bin ganz normal".

Side two of the tape was taken by short sets by bands from Hannover: Der moderne Man "Blaue Matrosen, Der Sandman, Am Baggersee, Gurus und Geheimagenten, Bis ans Ende der Welt, Gib mir den Tod", Mythen in Tüten "Liebe im Funkhaus, Sansibar, Die neue Kollektion" and Bärchen & die Milchbubis "Motorrad, Jung kaputt spart Altersheime, Tagebuch, Ich will nix älter werden, Tiefseefisch, Ich will meinen Spass zurück, Pogo liebt dich".
The last two songs on the Tape were by Abwärts, but you can find their set here .

Münchener Rocktage 1982 DivShare, mp3pro @96 kbps

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Thanks as always for the NDW/new wave artifacts.

Speaking of Abwärts, and when aren't we, the computerstaat post seems to be "empty." it appears to be active but nothing will DL. Very curious.

I just reuploaded Computerstaat and it works again!

Vielen Dank!

Zunächst Dank! :)

Die enthaltenen Songs von TRIO sind "Ya Ya" und "Los Paul". Da ich den VHS-Mitschnitt der Münchner Rocktage besitze, konnte ich natürlich vergleichen, ob die Songs tatsächlich von dem Konzert stammen. Tatsächlich stammen sie aber nicht von dem Konzert.

Meine Frage: Kann die Songs bzw. das Konzert, das diese Songs enthält, jemand von Euch zeitlich datieren?

Vielen Dank im Voraus!


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