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Indie Scene 1981 + 1982 + 1983 + 1984 + 1985 + 1986

As I will be away for a while here are the missing episodes of this wonderful series of compilations that really shows the diversity of 80s Indie music. All CD rips 192 kb, tracklists in the comments. I had to split most in two parts as they were slightly over 100 MB. Part 1 is on RS, part 2 is on Mediafire.

Indie Scene 1981 file 1

Indie Scene 1981 file 2

Indie Scene 1982 file 1

Indie Scene 1982 file 2

Indie Scene 1983 file 1

Indie Scene 1983 file 2

Indie Scene 1984 file 1

Indie Scene 1984 file 2

Indie Scene 1985 file 1

Indie Scene 1985 file 2

Indie Scene 1986

You find 1977 + 78 here and 1979 + 80 here

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Indie Scene 1981 file 1
01. Department S - Is Vic there?
02. Pigbag - Papa's goz a brand new pigbag
03. The Higsons - I don't want to live with monkeys
04. Hazel O'Connor - D-Days
05. Toyah - I want to be free
06. Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - It's my party
07. Virna Lindt - Attention Stockholm
08. Aztec Camera - We could send letters
09. Young Marble Giants - Click tale (Testcard EP)
10. The db's - Big brown eyes
11. Medium Medium - Hungry so angry
12. Southern Death Cult - Fatman
13. Birthday Party - Release the bats
14. The Cramps - Goo goo muck
15. 999 - Little red ridinghood
16. Au Pairs - Inconvenience
17. Dead or Alive - I'm falling

Indie Scene 1981 file 2
18. A Flock öf Seagulls - (It's not me) talking
19. Wire - Our swimmer
20. Clock DVA - 4 hours
21. Virgin Prunes - In the grey light
22. Past Seven Days - Rain dance

Indie Scene 1982 file 1
01. Aztec Camera - Pillar to post
02. Wild Swans - Revolutionary spirit
03. The Room - Things that have kearnt to walk that ought to crawl
04. Everything but the Girl - Night and day
05. Alarm - Marching on
06. Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding
07. New Order - Temptation
08. Fad Gadget - Saturday night special
09. Lori & the Chameleons - Lonely spy
10. Wall of Voodoo - On Interstate 15
11. Thomas Leer - All about you
12. Shriekback - My spine is the bassline
13. The Higsons - Conspiracy
14. The Farmers Boys - More than a dream
15. Marine Girls - On my mind
16. Mari Wilson with the Wilsations - Beat the Beat
17. The Adicts - Viva la revolution

Indie Scene 1982 file 2
18. Lords of the New Church - Open your eyes
19. Gene Loves Jezebel - Shaving my neck
20. Virgin Prunes - Pagan love song
21. The Passage - XOYO
22. Toy Dolls - Nellie the elephant

Indie Scene 1983 file 1
01. Yazoo - Nobody's diary
02. The Assembly - Never never
03. Jane - It's a fine day
04. Wall of Voodoo - Mexican radio
05. Prefab Sprout - The devil has all the best tunes
06. Red Guitars - Good technology
07. Tracey Thorn - Plain sailing
08. Ben Watt - Some things don't matter
09. Go Betweens - Cattle and cane
10. Monochrome Set - Jet set junta
11. New Model Army - Great expectations
12. The Nightingales - Crafty fag
13. Three Johns - AWOL
14. The Icicle Works - Birds fly (whisper to a scream)
15. Gene Loves Jezebel - Bruises
16. Birthday Party - Sonny's burning
17. The Fall - Kicker conspiracy

Indie Scene 1983 file 2
18. New Order - Blue Monday
19. Colourbox - Breakdown
20. Depeche Mode - Everything counts
21. Shriekback - Lined up
22. Cabaret Voltaire - Yashar

Indie Scene 1984 file 1
01. Red Box - Chenko
02. The Men They Couldn't Hang - The green fields of France (no man's land)
03. Frank Chickens - We are Ninja
04. Nick Cave - In the ghetto
05. Sandie Shaw - Hand in glove
06. Anne Clark - Our darkness
07. Daintees - Roll on summertime
08. Hurrah - Who'd have thought
09. Jasmine Minks - Think
10. The Pastels - Something's going on
11. Red Guitars - Steeltown
12. Moodists - Enough legs to live on
13. 1000 Mexicans - The last Pop song
14. Microdisney - Dolly
15. New Model Army - The prize
16. Three Johns - Do the square

Indie Scene 1984 file 2
17. Cult - Spiritwalker
18. Float Up CP - Joy's address
19. Chakk - Out of the flesh
20. A Certain Ratio - Life's a scream
21. Depeche Mode - Master & servant

Indie Scene 1985 file 1
01. Robert Wyatt - The wind of change
02. Love & Rockets - Ball of confusion
03. The Fall - Cruiser's Creek
04. Billy Bragg - New England
05. Woodentops - It will come
06. Red Guitars - Be with me
07. The Men They Couldn't Hang - Ironmasters
08. Blue Aeroplanes - Action paintings
09. The Loft - Up the hill and down the slope
10. Rain Parade - You are my friend
11. Milkshakes - Ambassadors of love
12. The Pastels - I'm alright with you
13. Jasmine Minks - What's happening
14. Meat Whiplash - Don't slip
15. That Petrol Emotion - VP

Indie Scene 1985 file 2
16. The Icicle Works - When it all comes down
17. Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69
18. Johnny Thunders & Patti Paladin - Crawfish
19. Gene Loves Jetebel - Desire
20. 1000 Mexicans - Diving for pearls

Indie Scene 1986
01. Weather Prophets - Almost prayed
02. Easterhouse - Whistling in the dark
03. Pulp - Little girl
04. Blue Aeroplanes - Lover and confidante
05. Billy Bragg - Levi Stubbs' tears
06. Half Man Half Biscuits - Trumpton riots
07. Goodbye Mr. McKenzie - The rattler
08. His Latest Flame - Somebody's gonna get hurt
09. Mighty Mighty - Throwaway
10. The Very Things - This is Motortown
11. Erasure - Sometimes
12. The Primitives - Really stupid
13. The Flatmates - I could be in heaven
14. The Chesterfields - Completely and utterly
15. Close Lobsters - I'm going to heaven
16. The Mekons - Hello cruel world
17. Pop Will Eat Itself - Oh Grebo I think I love you (Poppycock)
18. All About Eve - In the clouds
19. Go Betweens - Lee Remick
20. Rose of Avalanche - Velveteen
21. That Petrol Emotion - It's a good thing
22. The Psylons - Run to the stranger

Wow - these are super - thank you for sharing. I'm back in high school again listening to this stuff!

You are 'The Man', Jörg. Thank you.

wow! great post full of diamonds..

this blog is king!

Dear Jörg,

I have downloaded the Smiths concert yesterday evening, and listened to it all night long...

Let me tell you you are a great man !

Thank you very, very much !!!


The compilations bring a lot of fun, thank you. But - too bad - there are lots of popping noises (so far: 1981, from track 10 or so), which make some of the songs unlistenable.

amazing collection!

thanw for sharing.

i'm wondering if i could fint all this on you tube...

I am just downloading the file to find out about those popping noises, didn't hear them on the files on my PC

there are many glitches. listen to Dead Or Alive as an example. i only downloaded 1981, btw.

it's me again, the first glitch finder. after listening to most of the compilations it appears only "1981" has these errors. all the others are fine. thanks again!

soooo, i managed to visit your blog after a long time... many things to do and so on... you will know it ;-)

thanks for this nice music !! i really love it :-) thanks !!!



While 81 is the worst for glitches (everything from "Hungry so Angry" onwards), there are a few in some of the later ones as well if you listen carefully ("Open Your Eyes", "XOYO", "Nellie the Elephant" in 82; "AWOL", "Breakdown", "Everything Counts" in 83; "Hand in Glove", "Spiritwalker", "Joy's Address", "Life's a Scream", "Master & Servant" in 84; "Be with Me" in 85).

... oh and "Really Stupid", "Hello Cruel World", "In the Clouds", "Lee Remick", "Velveteen", "It's a Good Thing", "Run to the Stranger" in 86.

Some of the glitches are only slight, but all are noticeable. It may be that other tracks have them as well but I missed them.

hi, check Are Friends Electric link i think something is wrong ...

I've been searching for ages for the 82 / 84 / 85 / 86 CD's everywhere (I bought the others at the time they were issued), I even wrote to the label which told me it was out of print forever... so you can imagine how happy I am !
Those compilations are really great, they are intelligent and representative of those years.
Thank you a lot !

Thanks for posting all of the NDW stuff. As a english person I was only familiar with Palais Schaumburg so it is great to hear what was going on in Germany at the time of these UK compilations. I am enjoying Die Zimmermann. Do you have the last Palais S. album ( the one after Lupa ? ). Thanks, Jorg !


superb collections... too bad the rip is very poor :(

The website you use to host the files is crap. Whenever I try to download anything I am told I have already downloaded too much. It turns out from their FAQ that they couldn't be bothered setting their site up properly. You should try to link yourself with sites that are good quality. Basically it seems to be a scam to make money. This is their FAQ:

Your system complaints about that I am already downloading files or that I have already downloaded too much. But I did not download anything! Whats wrong there?

Our system checks your IP-address in order to count the downloads. If you are getting this message and you really did not download anything, then you are using a proxy-server, which is used by other people as well. Even if you have no proxy-server set up in your configuration, there are many providers who force a transparent proxy-servers between you and the net. If you do not believe us, go to other pages telling you your IP-address (for example http://www.myipaddress.com.) But what can you do? You have to disable this proxy-server. If you are not able to disable the proxy-server, the only solution IS a Premium-account. Premium-users are recognized by cookies, not by IP-address. Unfortunately we cannot disable our IP-check, else people would download so much that we would have to close down this service completely. I hope you understand our situation in this matter.


im looking for a live recording of Kastrierte Philosophen: "Tyrants & Poolsharks": any idea where to get it?


@"Glitchfinder Anonymous"
I will rip the CDs again ánd repost them.

@"Rantaboutfilehoster Anonymous"
maybe you should check if your provider has you behind a proxy...

just go to http://brotbeutel.blogspot.com/ and you will find it!

Hallo Jörg,

ich wollte die Zimmermänner-Single Kultur/Ein halbes Jahr downloaden.
Hat leider nicht geklappt. Ansonsten Danke für deinen Super-Blog!

Hi Jörg

Danke nochmal für die Mühe und die gute Musik

Glitchfinder Anonymous Eric


As a past "victim," your comments on this positive development would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

danke für die coolen Comps. Ich glaube da werd ich erstmal nen weilchen brauchen um mich da durch zu hören. Aber endlich kann ich mal meine 80er indie kenntnisse ausbauen. herzhaften dank.

So great many thanks and thanks and thanks again for this, I had the 1980 one, and didn't know the others existed, and it's great!

Early this month I myself created a music blog, http://majorbonobo.blogspot.com, you are a great encouragement!

To make this clear:
Please tell me where the problems with these downloads are!!!!
I listened through everything after I re-loaded the stuff to my HD. There were some probs in 81, but I hope these are solved now.
Anybody in for probs is welcome!Any success makes me better (than whom?) Is this really the real world, where everything has to be the fastest, brightest, finest?

I mean that is shit already and we should not adopt the same principles to the blogworld.

I am sure only one or two people will read this, but may these two please tell the world, there is more than profit and success. It is good if you still can look your neighbor into the eye at the end of the day!

btw Bonobo WOW Fantastic, loved the Tim Buckley pieces, but forget about that password shit! It only gets your stuff deleted, after the people forgot where they got it from! Well meant, but useless!

My Spanish is very small, but I definitely recommend http://majorbonobo.blogspot.com

HE ROCKS but not rocks....

you get it!

Hi von Liverpool !

Vielen danke fur diese diske !

This is the best EVER new-wave compilation series.

However, a few of my discs have become corrupted (gone brown, some tracks won't play) - its
great to replace them here. These discs are very rare now !

can you help? have been looking for years to get hold of two songs that i had taped from john peel shows in 1982, 83 or 84. Don't know who they're by.

Lyrics of the first one go

"this is the house, house where we live, home is where the heart is.
this is the car, car that we drive,
we drive together my friends and...

when i look into your face i see myself in your eyes..."

I remember bits of the lyrics of the second one, which go something like

"...and i've seen it and seen it and seened it, and the truth is as great as belief is, fol-de-rol-de, skip to lee to lu..."

Ring any bells????


it's just great that you managed to put the fantastic indie scene compilation series on your blog - you're THE BEST- as for the glitches they are noticeable especially on the indie scene 1981 could you do something about the glitches is it possible? is it also possible to find A KICK UP THE 80S COMPILATION SERIES, INDIE TOP 20 SERIES AND ONCE IN A LIFETIME 40 CLASSIC NEW WAVE HITS. ALL ARE HARD TO FIND AND EXCELLENT MUSIC


I've been looking for these compilations for ages. Could you repost them again, please? Or at lest 1986?

Thank you.


Please please reseed the last three compilations!

I would also like to thank you for a great site. I've just downloaded Aztec Camera - live from Milan, and I love it. If you happen to have some more rare stuff from the early days, post it! :D

These are great, thanks! Um, it seems that part 2 of '84 and '85 and all of '86 don't seem to be up, however. Could you possibly repost? I really want the whole collection.

Fantastic post, many thanks. Many years ago I bought the 1980 CD, but that was all, so this is a great addition.

By the way, 77-80 can be found here: http://noisejunkie.blogspot.com/search?q=indie+scene

I'm looking to see who is the artist on what seems like an 80s song that has the following:

I breathe in the fire
from the wild frontier
you steal my emotions
they disappear

she won't see me now
said she don't need me now
i said she won't see me
she don't need me now

well don't leave me dying, dying, dying in vain
i'm dying dying oh in vain
well don't leave me dying, dying, dying in vain
i'm dying dying oh in vain

this girl has a notion
that i don't understand
she begs me for devotion
but never never takes my hand

she won't see me now
said she don't need me now
i said she won't see me
she don't need me now

well don't leave me dying, dying, dying in vain
i'm dying dying oh in vain
well don't leave me dying, dying, dying in vain
i'm dying dying oh in vain

don't leave me dying
baby i'm dying
so don't leave me love

sometimes i'm living on the edge
she won't see me now
she's got me living on the edge
she don't need me now

danke Jorg! Gute musik..

The 1982 p2 link is broken.

The link 1984 part 1 does not work

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