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Anna Domino

This is must be the post I put the most pre-production in yet! Several Lps, 12" and CDs had to be scanned, the net had to be searched for information (rather small results, so I think this might be of help), my scanner had to work (and failed...). So here it is : ANNA DOMINO!
some info

I first heard of Anna Domino in the summer of 84, when Stefan Kühne played Land of my dreams. I was struck by this voice, haunting and loveable.

Anna Domino - East and west 1984

The first record I bought was the Rhythm EP, german pressing, with a nice version of 16 Tons, her voice with pretty heavy rhythms, much bass, that's what I like! In 04 I found the original Crepuscule pressing (you can hear and see now) in a very nice record store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They must have unknowingly opened a box they received 20 years earlier, because they were selling original pressings from the 80s for 1 or 2 CDN$, a joke! I carried out as much as I could, but the airlines set a limit...

Anna Domino - Rhythm EP 1984

The next is a concert Anna Domino performed in Hamburg in early 1986 (FM Stereo), tracklist in the comments.

Anna Domino live Hamburg early 1986

This is her first album, a few of the known tracks, some new in the same style, I loved it! Nice sleeve painting by Benoit Hennebert, the guy that worked for Crepuscule and influenced loads of graphic designers around the world (at least it should be so!)

Anna Domino - Anna Domino 1986

I didn't follow the career of Anna Domino after "This time", my interests moved to the dancefloor, and also the alternative scene offered something new every 20 minutes, so I was very surprised when I was going through piles of 1$ CDs at Amoeba in San Francisco and finding this little gem! I saw a CD by Snake Farm, never heard of 'em, but the design was kinda nice and I turned it over and saw that name again : Anna Domino! Here she plays songs from the american songbook, old traditionals, but in her very unique interpretation. Sometimes Trip-Hop, Acid Jazz or Delta Blues, she makes them her own!

Snake Farm - Songs from my funeral 1999

She worked with people like Alan Rankine (The Associates), Marc Moulin & Dan Lacksman (Telex), Flood (Depeche Mode, Erasure ...), Blaine L. Reiniger (Tuxedomoon) Luc van Acker (Revolting Cocks, Ministry) and Anton Sanko (Suzanne Vega).
Here are some links for you

Anna Domino discography

Here is a respond with some nice videos


Thanks so much for posting Anna Domino's records. I've had a few of her 12" singles for years and forgotten how good they are. It's great to hear them again. I wondered if you had any of the Les Disques Du Crepescule compilations. One I've wanted to get is FRUIT OF THE ORIGINAL SIN. I know the cd is around, but they did such a hatchet job on this beautiful record it was a shame. Do you have the vinyl digitised by chance?

Anyway, thanks so much for this fantastic blog. It is much appreciated!

now here's a name I totally forgot about... time to post Zanna one of these on my blog .. thanks for reminding me Jörg ;)

Thanks so much für posting Anna. I once owned the Rhythm 12". It's good to listen to the songs again.

thank you,A.D. was very good, still today,was this her real name?i always liked that name,very brillant indeed!all the best....

1. My man
2. Koo Koo
3. Caught
4. Rhythm
5. Chosen one
6. Change to come
7. Take that
8. Just too much
9. The hunter gets captured by the game
10. Summer
11. Sixteen tons

Another great post, thanks so much for the chance to hear some more of Anna's records. I've been a fan ever since I heard the 'Trust in Love' song many moons ago.

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...this link aint no longer online:

Anna Domino - Rhythm EP 1984


Thanks for posting Anna Domino's music, it was a real pleasure to listen again to some of her songs.
Can anyone post the "This Time" album which contains, on my opinion, the best Anna's songs?

thanks for this domino post
coming from Belgium, it's a pleasure to rediscover her, Domino was pretty "big" over here because she worked and recorded with a lot of Belgian musicians.


Really thanks!!!!.

Have you more records from anna?
This time, Mysteries of america,
colouring in the edge and the outline?

Thanks for posting Anna Domino's music!!!

Anna Domino still sings to my heart!

yes and mick karn, david sylvian, iggy pop, interzone, element of crime, nick cave .........

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