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Lost Gringos

After dorfdisco braunsfeld posted the Fix Planet LP. Here is the last missing EP Troca Troca (Warning Records 24) from 1984. The music is a mix of found recordings, electronics and what now would be called world music. I got interested in them after I heard

Lost Gringos - Bargeld Amore

in 83, a brazilian influenced song (I think it is a cover of a famous brazilian song. As Jake told me in the comments, on the back cover of the "Bargeld Amore"7", it's said it's "Lanca Perfume" by Rita Lee and Roberto de Carvalho.), but sung by some german teenage girls, very charming.
This here is not so fascinating anymore, it is ok, but this did not stand the test of time. For completists (I got it from a bargain bin, any offers?).

Lost Gringos - Troca Troca WR24 84

Unfortunately this link is no longer available and even more unfortunately I do not have a copy of this file! Grrrr... If anybody has a copy he found here, please let me know by posting a comment to the newest entry to this blog, so I can update this post for everyone and myself. I am not too keen on ripping several records again...

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on the back cover of the "bargeld amore"
7", it's said bargeld/amore ist "lanca perfume" von rita lee und roberto de carvalho.

Hi, Jörg!

I added the link for your Lost Gringos 12" to my original post of the LP - plus: Pyrolator himself commented on this, telling that the Lost Gringos are still active, under another name: Nova Express (yes, they borrowed it from Borroughs!).

And many thanks again for the Holger Hiller's - he's such an awesome guy! Since I first heard the debut Palais Schaumburg, I searched for recordings by him - and all I ever found was the Demixed, which is OK, but not the REAL stuff.

10.000 Dankeschöns/Thx.
Lucky ;)

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