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I'm still alive, again!!!

It has been a very long time since my last post. Things happened good and bad, more of this possibly later. I felt a bit let down when the links to my blog disappeared from the ones I like but could not follow as I wanted.

My archive only grew netwise, but no further hardware acquisitions. I had to find out that the thieves did not only steal my CDs but also some vinyls. Of course these had to be some of my Marc Almond/Soft Cell treasures. Whoever has the Burmoe Brothers 12" or 7" of Skin, please drop me a line. I found this in a bargain bin in 85 and was so lucky. Another lucky find was The Whip a few weeks earlier, both really missed like so many other records I could not even track down on the net.

I would be grateful and possibly rewarding for anybody bringing me back those treasured goods!

The Madsen concert in Lüchow was fantastic! Great songs, nice Lokalkolorit, I had fun. You may experience it second (my) hand here (+ some clips from buntekuh82).

Part 1

You will find your way from there, I am sure. There are 6 parts from me and some more from others. The quality is not that great, but I was surprised how much this small chip inside my Casio digicam caught from the show! Do not be put off by the first seconds, the music is fantatic!!!

I do hope there will be more posts in future but I do not make promises anymore.

I will try to reupload the files that are missing. It would be helpful, if you could tell me what to re-upload so I do not have to check every link!


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