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Holger Czukay Jah Wobble & Jaki Liebezeit

This is a song I wouldn't have held possible in 1980, but it was reality in
We thought we had just got rid of all the 60s & 70s Supergroups, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker (check his CV!), etc...
Can now is respected as one of the originators of new music, everybody knows this and them. On the other hand Public Image Limited (PIL) was a collective to destroy the music as it was and ... they created beauty!!!
Even after he left PIL in 1980 Jah Wobble (we don't care about given names!) went on to design space with his bass.

This record opens up space as none I had heard before. Listen to "How much are they" with big bass speakers on the rim of the desert, there is nothing like this!
I still enjoy this Bass sound, living in a normal flat.
A few years after this Jah Wobble started working with Bill Laswell,

Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - Weltrekord EP

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hallo j
machst einnen richtig gespannt wie sich das wohl anhört.. der zip ist aber mit n password gesichert.
kannst mir bitte sagen wie der geht
gruss aus dk

Hi Jörg, would love to know the secret password. Great EP this one from what I remember hearing of it. Cool stuff

I just wanted to try it as dorfdiko and others, unfortunately I forgot the password, so now the zip is back online without a pw.

1000+1 passes imposible to remember. i know it from my own life.
thx for the music. dl is done

.. and it still want a pw??

Thanx a lot! Great Music.

this is one of the best records i have in my record collections - but just as the CD "Full Circle", with the tracks
1. How Much Are They?
2. Where's The Money?
3. Full Circle R.P.S. (No.7)
4. Mystery R.P.S. (No. 8)
5. Trench Warfare
6. Twilight World
released by Virgin in 1992

see my orangaural.blogspot for general strike's "danger in paradise" - similar style...?


the best.

i've posted the "full circle" cd on orangaural.blogspot


No Password needed!

Hallo Jörg,
wunderbar, die Platte ist mir irgendwann verlorengegangen, sehr wahrscheinlich verliehen und nicht wiederbekommen, höre sie gerade und liebe sie noch genauso wie damals (und ärgere mich über mich, dass ich sie verbummelt habe)
all the best
herr Ärmel

i love this record! just have the cd version though. thanks a lot!

do you have some early holger hiller? it's not possible to find something over here in austria - please!!!

Hi Jörg! I hadn't visited this blog for quite a while now; just got here looking for this record and I'm surprised that the links are still alive after 2+ years! Thanks! Ein wunderschönes neues Jahr!
Fernando :)

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