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Help appreciated

Does anybody know how I can find out which other sites link to my blog?


Amazing amazing music, i wish i could help, but i just wanted to say your blog is amazing.

Um einen kompletten Überblick über die Links zu bekommen, müssen Sie sich wohl einen "Sitemeter" oder "Technorati"-Zähler zulegen; wir linken jedenfalls regelmäig auf Ihren Blog, wie z.B. hier
Herr L.

Hi Jörg

You could perform a Technorati search for your blog-name, like this:

Bear in mind, some claim that Technorati isn't all that accurate. This blog post list some alternatives to it (like IceRocket):


try this link please

herr k. (totally fuzzy)

Yes, with technorati:


Just do a search for your own blog (pop up menu "in blog directory" under "Search for") and your blog should show up. If not, you'll have to "Claim my blog" first.

Hi Jörg, I like a lot what you are doing, love the German stuff, long time not heard (... and missed). many thx. you can find blogs linking to Not Rock On here ...
... bagan

Try Technorati! Here's a link for your blog. 28 links from 14 blogs!


hi man,
go to:

there fill in your http-adress and off the search goes. i´ve done that for you: it´s 18 links leading top your blog.
have a nice day

PS: Tu mir´n Gefallen: poste mal "Monarchie und Alltag" von Fehlfarben (Nostalgie).

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