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Thank you Vancouver!

Congratulations to Canada and their Hockey team!

Last night I was switching channels and finally found the Olympics at Vancouver. The BIG FINAL! I am not a hockey afficionado although I really loved Slap Shot or Schlappschuss as it was called in Germany 

Thinking of my canadian relatives I thought I could watch this as well as anything else. But then it got hot. Canada was already leading 2-1 and I thought, Great, Gold Medal for Canada so they are leading the medal count (at least the european way, where gold medals count first!). But then time out USA, time out Canada, ok about 50 seconds to go, they will make it. I was thinking to myself how long these 50 seconds could be and then USA scored the equalizer! What a shock, but they had earned it!

Ice time....... opening another bottle, listening to the TV presenters,The re-start! To be honest, I could not look that fast or maybe it was because I do not have HiDef. I still have not really seen the goal. But what a relief!
Today I wore my Canada shirt with pride thinking of this great hockey game. Looking at the medal count (european version) Canada is No. 1 and Germany No 2. The US medal count sees them ahead with Germany at 2.

I prefer the european count with Canada at No. 1!!!!!!!

I am not quite sure if these are really the songs that fire up hockey fans, but I have to assume. There are some I like and some I loathe, make your picks...

2 Unlimited is ok, Iggy and The Ramones are perfect, KISS and BTO of course, Nickelback, Billy Talent, Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, keep the locals busy, Tag Team, Elvis Costello for a little extra spice but Europe? Iron Maiden? Quiet Riot if you could have Slade? I do not mention Rednex. Inferior.

VA - Sounds of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games - Canada's Hockey anthems


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