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What about comments? ... again

Hey, if you find something here that you like, that's what I'm here for, but I'm not Google or Microsoft, you are FREE to leave your comments as a small reward, just to inform ME what YOU want. Comments don't seem to be that rewarding for the senders, but the recipients really appreciate them!

Otherwise you can donate via PayPal through this little PayPal button you see above each post now. In German it says "Spenden" which means "donate" in English. I do not know if the button will be translated to your language automatically, but I hope some of you will use it! The first entry will receive a special prize! You can dream about what it would be, but I will sure depart of something very valuable! If you have any extra money, ...any dollar, Euro or yen is welcome to keep me paying for the DSL bandwidth to keep this site alive!
Please post your comments, or what you want you want to find here!

A little quiz: Do you spot every artist in this ensemble? There is Morrissey trying to keep it in May 1984...

Who wins first?

If you click on the pics you will get pretty large pictures!


luv your blog, dude. keep it up.
i especially luv the posts on el records, sarah records, and the indie scene compilations. hope u don't mind some requests.

Hunky Dory - a twee/pop band from el records
Friends Again - jangle pop band from the 80's
The Carousel - a twee pop band vinyl japan

kurt and keanu

Yay, man, you must be thanked. Those British Indie compilations gave you a permanent place in Heaven...

Also, I think you might help me with an inquiry about a band that's been burning me, and I have not been able to get to someone who might know, since I was a child back then... I'm sorry if my description is bad... Let's seen, I have seen in VH1 LA a brief instrumental clip edited down by them as a promo ("Only in Vh1", meaning you only may see that video there) of a video by an 80's band, seems New Wave but has a very krauty or post rock feel... In a grim place that looks like an indoors abandoned train stations, it has two persons dancing lifting one bended arm to the sound of a synth riff, and in other segment there's a guy with a porcelain doll mask or a japanese mask moving his hands to the rhythm of a guitar attack trakatrakatak trakatratak, haha, sorry. I loved it and would like to know what song and what band is that... Do you have any idea?

@Kurt & Keanu , sorry ´none
Daniel sorry, no

great blog ... can you please post new wave band from asian country... thanks

You should appreciate this blog :


(From Minimal Compact to Pierre Schaeffer, what you like is what they like.
And, of course, to comment your last post : what you give is what you get.)



Simply sending you a huge thanks of appreciation for all the new (old) music I learned about from you. Consider yourself repaid in gold many times over for your daring taste in and passion for music.

Hey Man,

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - can you re-up the Shades of Rhythm CD????

Massive thanks - from a 90's head

Unfortunately nobody felt the urge yet to reward my effort with some monetary support...

Shades of Rhythm is still online, download works fine from my pc

Kann das ein Zufall sein? Ich war am Donnerstag im Stadtpark bei den Arctic Monkeys, dass letzte Konzert das ich dort gesehen habe: UB40 & Toots & the Maytals 1981!!! Weil das ja damals wegen dem Regen abgebrochen wurde, hatte ich nie wieder Lust ein Open Air Konzert zu besuchen...

Vielen Dank für Deinen Blog, ich konnte so ein paar Lücken in meiner Sammlung schließen. Du hast nicht zufällig die Radiomitschnitte vom Dexys Midnight Runners Konzert 1982 im Audimax? Oder den Yellowman Mitschnitt von 1988?

Beste Grüsse!

Sorry for not beeing to good at writing down a thanx now and then. Anyway i love your blogg. Any chance for Nina Hagen Band demo/live/outtakes etc? Also "African Reggae" 12" version.

Thank you very much for all the wonderful music. It's greatly appreciated.

your blog is amazing, i just found it. i actually had a new wave blog that i stopped updating simply because i didn't get any comments. i think great blogs like yours deserve a lot of great comments. thank you for all that you post and share with us. danke

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