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Godley & Creme - Snack Attack 1982

Godley & Creme were Avantgardists when they were still in 10cc and even more so later, everybody will remember their video for Cry with the morphing heads (I think some Jackson tried this later.). This record is funky and mellow, a nice mixture. Snack Attack is showing what would happen in the 80s!

Godley & Creme - Snack Attack or ISMISM

This record seems to be also known as ISMISM, with the same tracklist. I have it as american import on Atlantic c1982 Mirage Records with a different cover than ISMISM. Unfortunately I have no scanner at the moment.


Just found your blog. Lots of obscure music, but enough to make it a worthwhile visit. I had this album, but it disappeared from my coolection and am so grateful for the post. Didn't really see them as avante garde, 10cc was really, in my view, just pop with a perverse sense of humor. Godley and Creme seemed to continue in that vein though with more adventurous music. In the States, that basically doomed them to obscurity except for the occasional song that seemed to touch the masses without the massess understanding, such as Cry and Snack Attack. Oh, well, glad enough to have found your post. Thanks and will stop by occasionally.


Thanks for leaving the first posts for this fantastic record!
Hope to see you soon again!

Just FYI: Ismism was the UK release title, on Polydor. When Mirage Records released it in the US, they renamed it Snack Attack and changed the cover to a really ugly collage with flying hamburgers and Grandmama from the Addams Family TV show. Smart move there.

personally, I think the cover w/ hamburgers is INCREDIBLE.
Thanks for upping this song, I heard it on a radio show and had to find myself a copy. Thanks for giving it a bit of context as well. Keep on!

Great album.

It emphatically was NOT new wave - they may have kept on having hits, but they were of the prog generation new wave was reacting against.

And I think the failure of Consequences can be explained - in an interview about the album they describe smoking enormous quantities of pot in the year (1977) when everyone else was consuming garbage cans full of cocaine.

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