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My Vehicles

Just to add a new post, here is a slideshow I once made of most of the vehicles I had from 1980 til now. Just have a look!

It starts with my Hercules Ultra already mentioned in previous posts. Then there is my first car, the Opel Kadett C City. Liked it a lot and had many nice memories. Like changing the engine in Delft, Netherlands after it quit working due to a lack of oil. We removed the engine of a crashed car and mine and fixed the new one in less than 8 hours after we pushed my car through half the city to the junkyard.

In 1990 I had to part with it as the TÜV did not call it street legal anymore. Due to the recent opening of the german border and lots of greedy car sales men selling all the junk to the FNL, good cheap cars were hard to find. Together with financial aid by my parents I bought the Honda Accord hatchback. Great car, power windows, power glass roof, nice interior and exterior. Unfortunately I crashed it just a few hundred meters from my parents home. As an interim solution I bought a (french) Chrysler 2.0 for a few hundred Mark. Great car, looked like a scale model of an american 70s gas guzzler, painted gold with a vinyl roof and very comfortable plush brown seats. 110 hp and automatic transmission were ideal for cruising. Unfortunately, it had a few flaws. Refilling the brake fluid every few hundred kilometers was still endurable, being without rear view in winter due to a broken heated rear window was sometimes uncomfortable. But when I wanted to visit a concert by Der Plan and Andreas Dorau in Braunschweig, I approached the crossing at the Hagenmarkt and suddenly the car turned to the right without me wanting to go there. There was nobody next to me so it was no big deal - just that the wheel had come loose and was only clinging to the disc brake.

I managed to drive the car (only left corners) back to the parking lot at the university (where it stayed for several weeks). After taking the bus, the concert was a nice experience, seeing amongst others the movies Dorau had created at art school.

As with the Kadett City (by then resting in a shed at my parent's) I had plans to restore the Chrysler as well. I spent a lot of money to get it stored for a few months. As I could not get any spare parts, I finally had to part with this hope.

Then, thanks to the insurance money I was able to buy a Volvo 244 Turbo, a rather rare model. Lots of power, black leather, cool looks. Then I could afford it. I drove it for almost 14 years. I even managed to sell it to an enthusiast who wanted to rebuild it. He promised to keep me informed, unfortunately he did not keep this promise. The Ford Fiesta I had afterwards did not seem to be worth a picture. After some problems, I had sold it to a junkyard the same day as I received the job offer in Bielefeld, bad timing.

It took a while until I found a new car I could afford. Now I have a Mazda 626 Coupe from 89. It was cheap, only 500 Euro. When I first saw it, it looked odd, spoiler, the bumps over the wheels, very 80s. But the price was ok, although I still had to put a relatively substantial amount into it.

Now I like it, it drives well, needs relatively little fuel (where is the progress when a simple car nowadays still needs more than 7 Liters per 100 km?). Who needs more? Ok I would take a decent BMW 850i offered for 500 Euro..

What are your vehicle stories?

This has nothing to do with the purpose of this blog, just curiosity!

There will be music posts soon!

I have to admit, I have just been staring at this slideshow myself. Isn't this amazing? I have no idea how it works, but it does! Pictures that have until now been on my harddisk are flying around the world now! And I took them up to 30 years ago! Wow...


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